Apple Tablet set to revolutionise gaming?

Apple is inviting leading videogame journalists in the US to its tablet announcement launch event in San Francisco on 27 January, reports TechRadar

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zoydwheeler4996d ago

Combine Wii Fit with a big Apple iPhone - surely that must work?

gusto4996d ago

Yup, it needs a hula hoop game. And more YouTube videos as a result.

Tempist4996d ago

Of course it's going to work because you know, the iPhone and iTouch have created this massive revolution in gaming as we know it. I mean where would we be without the umpteen variants of the same game.

Tablets didn't take off in the past for a reason, and that's because they lack a good/multifaced input method. Apple isn't going to change this fact just because it has the Apple logo on it.

koehler834996d ago

Has Apple ever revolutionized gaming? As an iPhone proponent, I confidently say: "No."

The biggest impact Apple has ever had on gaming was letting Bungie and Halo slip away to Microsoft.

zoydwheeler4996d ago

Witness the App Store. Witness Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo all following suit.

To say it hasn't changed gaming is just blinkered and ignoring the facts.

koehler834996d ago

The App Store, which opened in July 2008? Preceded by almost 2 years by PSN and over 3 years by XBLM?

Yes.. indeed.

thereapersson4996d ago

ZoydWheeler speaks like a true Apple zealot. Their behavior is easy to spot, after all....

madjedi4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

@2.1 So apple offering iphone users the opportunity to download countless applications, not games has to you revolutionised gaming, out of those 3 billion apps how many are actually games, and out of those games how many aren't garbage?

I think your mixing up changing and evolving with revolutionary, i would consider thought controlled games and a technology similar to the holodeck truly revolutionary for gaming. Compared to a stupid application that tells you the current time in every timezone across the world.

Or an app that lets you share instantly with the world, stupid pointless information about yourself such as, i got a haircut, i walked the dog, i saw the movie avatar, i had cheerio's for breakfast and anything else idiots will talk about on facebook.

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zoydwheeler4996d ago

Is totally different to what PSN and XBLN were about. It has caused Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo to take note and follow suit - delivering quick and cheap and cheerful casual/retro games.

The fact Apple has delivered over THREE BILLION apps in such a short amount of time and has, to use a financial term, CREAMED IT, is why the console companies are changing their online and mobile strategies.

koehler834996d ago

That argument doesn't take into consideration the amount of Apps downloaded which have absolutely nothing to do with gaming, or were free. So you might as well try and tell people that Newgrounds or Facebook has revolutionized gaming.

I was downloading content directly to my PSP via the PS Store before the iPhone existed. Obviously the App Store is better, being available anywhere over 3G (if you HAVE 3G), but that's almost a moot point considering the 10MB data cap over 3G. If the iPhone/iTouch included unlimited 3G like the Kindle or Blackberry Network I'd say that's something revolutionary. (Other than the fact that Kindle and Blackberry have already done it.)

At best, the App Store has proven to be a place where small devs can monetize games that are free elsewhere. At worst, the App Store is a last ditch effort handheld market for games that have failed everywhere else, like GTA: Chinatown Wars apparently. Somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum you found a mound of derivative and repetitive crap that would make the Wii cringe.

thereapersson4996d ago

How is a downloadable games model different than what Microsoft and Sony were offering years prior?

You can't even compare phone games to console games because the applications for the software and the control methods are completely different. Even full-blown mobile games pale in comparison to many console, or even other hand held games.

PC's have been doing the "lite" games for years, BTW, so Apple revolutionized nothing that hasn't been done already on a much grander scale.

Now, did they revolutionize mobile phone applications and what could be done through a hand-held mobile infrastructure? To that, I can say "yes".

MK_Red4996d ago

If Apple is really gonne get into gaming, which area would be more likely? PC (vs Steam?), Home Console or Portale Console?

BYE4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

They could update the Apple TV to support gaming and deliever games via iTunes Store, like with the iPhone. This is actually what is rumored among Apple geeks.

PC is unlikely and portable they already have.

zoydwheeler4996d ago

I think you have just hit it on the head there. They [Apple] may well launch a Steam for Idiots type service - allowing tablet users to download AAA-games via that. Though if they did take that route, it would still have to be an offshoot off the App Store... I cannot see them launching an entirely new online distribution network...

Either way, we live in interesting times... and FTR I'm a NOT an Apple or Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo fanboy, just interested in tech and games.

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