Quebec City in PGR4? - New screenshots

HardGamers got from an undisclosed source that these images of Project Gotham Racing 4 are showing some tracks in the city of Quebec. Even if nothing has been officially announced it sure looks real. The city seems beautifully modeled, and even better it seems like it will be a lot of fun to drive in there.

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Diselage4734d ago

I skipped PGR3 but with all these added features i may need to return to the series.

nice_cuppa4734d ago

360 sure is a great system for driving game fans.

Ru4734d ago

They might get sued for potrayin there City as a racing community!

Leathersoup4734d ago

those advertisements were in English only. :)

Satanas4734d ago

Awesome if true, Québec is beautiful. The third attached screen looks very familiar.

Antan4734d ago

It is true, Quebec is indeed one of the new cities.

IQUITN4G4734d ago

Looks good enough for me.Lighting is a little artificial at this stage in some of the screens but that could be because it's...artificial.Some screens look very nice though and i'm very much looking forward to this more accessible racer - Forza is cool but very demanding of course.PG has always offered depth and ease of use from it's cars and sometimes you just want to jump straight in.

Come to think of it PS3 doesn't have a racer like PG - not trying to start a flame here just an observation.

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The story is too old to be commented.