The (red) Ring of fire

Back in February, the Internet was blessed with a very humorous song called "How to kill a brand" by Doc Adams. That song was about how Sony has been (and pretty much kindaish still) is screwing things up with the PlayStation 3. No doubt everyone was thinking that Doc Adams was just some little Xbox or Nintendo fanboy spewing his hatarade on Sony.

Well, Doc Adams is back and this time, the hatarade is targeted towards the Xbox 360. His new song is called "Ring of Fire" which is a parody based on the classic Johnny Cash song of the same name...

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nice_cuppa4734d ago

oh well.
clever but not as funny.

cr33ping_death4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

ok now you see...what you are feeling towrds this article is the same way PS3 fans feel when a doom and gloom article keeps popping up here, its not funny to PS3 fans but its hilarious to 360 fans. so this type of article is funny but not to 360 fans get it. in other words there is lame humor in most of these articles. but of course once an anti PS3 article comes out which has bad humor in it you will be like " lol thats funny" so its double standard really.

nice_cuppa4734d ago

i own all systems back to 8 bit.
i'm a game fan.
at the moment i do play 360 the most granted.

its just once its done......its done.

to do it again but the 360 instead just isn't as funny to me.
if this had been done first and then the ps3 song now i would say the same thing.

Gamer luv4734d ago

Well, i find it very funny and good and im a 360 fanboy.

We can laugh at things like that because we know that honestly, this problem isnt half as bad as you like to think it is, and to be frank its all youve got on us when it comes to insulting the 360.

Its like

We say youve got no games

you say "Ring of Death"

we say PS3 costs to much

you say "Ring of Death"
Seriously im getting sick of it, stop making it out to be some huge problem as if every single person who has an Xbox 360 is going to or have had the "Ring of Death"

dantesparda4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Are you fvcking kidding me? (guy Above me) "its not that bad"? are you smoking something? it is that bad, and i'd be willing to say that its worst than most fanboys are willing to admit! i've already had two 360s break on me and its only been 1 yr & 6 months. And now i am expected to pay MS. Fvck them! This is a rip-off!

R.I.P 360 (died on May 29th)

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SafeRat4734d ago

I'm a big Sony fan, yet I still found the 'How to kill a Brand' song very funny.

peksi4734d ago

But do game consoles really qualify for being a subject of a song? I'd rather listen to something else.

tehcellownu4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

How to kill a brand was funny in a way..but it dont hold no truth aobut the ps3..i do agree about the price and that people will get turned off by it.but there always a price drop... the red ring of death it is indeed crapping out on thousands of people..The article stating their fixing the problems? i highly doubt it..the 10 million or less people who own the 360 is screwed..if your out of warranty microsoft is goin to charge your a$$$$$$$$ big time...

@that guy who below me-- you are sure u can play games on a broken loves people like u..makes their job easier to screw people.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4734d ago

Cant you guys come up with somthing else about the 360, come on you can do it. Oh wait maybe you can't LOL, the red ring of death and then... nothing because it's kicking the PS3s ass even though it has a red ring of death. Thats pathetic Sony fans if people would rather have a broken console than a PS3.

achira4734d ago

yeah, under ppl you mean such bustards like you, who would buy ten times 400$ crap and complain about 600$.

specialguest4734d ago

Ok so the 360 is kicking the PS3 butt left and right, but you know what? At the end of the day, you're the one who's getting screwed with repair bills and the hassle of sending it in for repairs.

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