Miyamoto comments on Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

A few weeks ago Nintendo reported on how Twilight Princess did not meet sale expectations in Japan. Shigeru Miyamoto hopes that Phantom Hourglass with its traditional gameplay and yet more intuitive features including full stylus control and writing will bring a breath of fresh air back into the series.

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Diselage4235d ago

I wonder if they'll ever let the Zelda name die, or at least go on vacation for a few years.

Ru4235d ago

Fro this title on the DS?
Its lookin like some oldschool good times.
I hope Zelda does stick around I never get sick of it.
Then again I havent played all of the newer editions!

BIadestarX4235d ago

I purchased my DS for this game.. and it got delayed! now my ds is collecting some serous dust and being use as paperweight.

Ru4235d ago

Than a PS3.
Im sorry :) LoL

drtysouf214235d ago

i'm thinking of getting a ds and psp soon. have to get this game

bootsielon4235d ago

I need one to justify buying a Wii. And NO, Twilight Princess doesn't justify it, since it's a gamecube game.