Transformers: The Game achievements revealed

Control the outcome in the battle for Earth this summer with Transformers: The Game, the official game of the upcoming blockbuster film from Producer Steven Spielberg and Director Michael Bay.

Protect civilization as Autobots or destroy it as Decepticons as you lead the TRANSFORMERS in the epic battle for control of planet Earth!

There are 42 achievements worth 1000 points
Out of the 42 achievements, 26 are secret

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Diselage4733d ago

There is so much potential with this game, i really hope they don't screw it up.

Charlie26884732d ago

dont worry the devs are doing all they can to ruin it like the rest of the movie based games


it will probaly be a 6-7 game

cdawson4732d ago

I hate 'secret' Achievements.

Diselage4732d ago

They are rather annoying, especially when there are so many, like maybe 2-4 but 26? Give me a break.

God of Gaming4732d ago

just check the achievement websites.. they find out the secret ones very quickly

drtysouf214732d ago

Not excited about the game but i am about the movie

Bloodmask4732d ago

Another crap movie game that is supposed to be good. I think it rather ironic that N4G members always say for the most part these games always suck. I know I'm not buying these games. Are you? C'mon now don't fib.

Diselage4732d ago

I may not be planning on buying it but if it scores an 8 or better I'll for sure reconsider and probably get it as well.