The Life of the Chinese Gold Farmer

"Twelve hours a night, seven nights a week, with only two or three nights off per month, this is what Li does - for a living. On this summer night in 2006, the game on his screen was, as always, World of Warcraft, an online fantasy title in which players, in the guise of self-created avatars - night-elf wizards, warrior orcs and other Tolkienesque characters - battle their way through the mythical realm of Azeroth, earning points for every monster slain and rising, over many months, from the game's lowest level of death-dealing power (1) to the highest (70)."

Don't forget to check the video linked to the article.

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jaydesi4774d ago

how exactly do they farm for gold? are they using hacks or are they just killing mobs allday for gold?.

InMyOpinion4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

By levelling characters in WoW then selling them to rich westeners I believe. I doubt they get to see any 'gold' though.

@Diselage - Yes I know. Thats what I meant, I doubt they get much. Still, better than factory work, I guess.

Diselage4774d ago

They get paid, it's not very much but they do get paid.

Dogswithguns4774d ago

making money playing WoW, all I can say is WOW!

Azurite4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

"night-elf wizards" = druid?
"from the game’s lowest level of death-dealing power (1) to the highest (70)" Did he say summer 2006?

I don't play WoW... but the errors hurts me since it's an interesting article and it's NY Times.

TacticalChunder4773d ago

As a former FFXI addict, me and my friends absolutely hated these people. I know this is their living and such, but because they would hunt rare monsters/items/etc for the gil making it nearly impossible for legit players to earn any of the rare gear honestly. Before squeenix started banning known gilseller accounts, these players totally ruined the economy where items value would increase by 10x because people were just buying their gil online.
i hope they eventually find a way to make this more difficult for futre mmo games.
/end rant.