Two Worlds Interview: Nearing Worlds' End

Reality Pump has had this problem with Two Worlds ever since it reared its head back in 2005. At first glance it looks strikingly similar to the much-applauded Oblivion. It's on the same platforms, for starters, has the same free-roaming and sprawling gameplay, plus the graphics look as if they could be twins. But underneath all that is a game desperately trying to carve its own identity; one with mounted combat, an item combination system, and that curious MMO-style multiplayer option.

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nice_cuppa4737d ago

interviews should be audio or video.

nice_cuppa4737d ago

why read an interview when the technology is there to see and hear it.

in video they could show us what they are talking about.
in audio you get the inflections in the voice.

thats why.

Xeoset4737d ago

I'm hoping this has what Oblivion lacked, depth for a start.

While it was easy to get lost into Oblivion, it was hard to feel you were the hero everyone praised you to be, if anything, all the dungeon crawling made me feel like a grave digging looter.

Jay da 2KBalla4737d ago

This interview made me very interested in this game.

ElementX4736d ago

I was excited about this game but it's going to be sh!t. Previews say combat is boring, you can't block manually, the graphics are poor, and it just isn't very fun. This game will disappoint.

True Gamer King4736d ago

Where have you heard this from?

Diselage4736d ago

I hope this game can live up to it's potential because with oblivion the only thing it was missing was a little MP, and now with this game we have. Lets just hope it doesn't fall through.

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