Ninja Gaiden Sigma Preview previews Team Ninja's upcoming title Ninja Gaiden Sigma and gives their impressions of the playable demo.

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peksi4737d ago

Quote: The game runs at 1080p natively and maintains 60fps during combat sequences, cinematics, and platforming alike. The game is vibrant and full of color, and the attention to detail will immerse you quickly.

That is impressive, Ninja Theory has some serious coders. And PS3 seems to have that controversial horsepower under the hood after all?

Relin4737d ago

A few reviewers, with sharper eyes than myself apparently, have said that Team Ninja needed to cut a few corners to get their display running at 1080p and 60fps...namely, cutting down the pixel count and reducing rendering effects. Regardless, the demo looks great and I'm sure the release will look just as good.

Jamaicangmr4736d ago

Team ninja not Ninja Theory. My friend came over an played the Demo and now he's gonna be pickin this up with his PS3 next week. It's not really my type of game. I will beat it though when my friend gets it.

Satanas4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

The demo's biggest apparent problem was a v-lock sync issue, the cut down horizontal pixel count on 1080p was possible. I believe the brunt of the problem has been fixed in the final version though.


I can't Wait, C'mon US releaassseeee !!!!!!

dissectionalrr4736d ago

eh... just another hack 'n slash. i've played this game a million times, in some form or another. originality people... originality.

drtysouf214736d ago

Nice. Been playing the Demo can't wait to play the full version.