Battery life the main obstacle for rumbling Sixaxis?

reportedly Sony unsurprisingly has been working for the past few months on engineering the Sixaxis controller to shake and rattle and roll.
The problem currently lies with battery life.

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warfed4728d ago

I`ll just go to walmart buy the controller put my old one in the box and return it... it`s that simple...

Counter_ACT4728d ago

or you could just charge it?

sadiq4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

yes that is wat im going to do

warfed4727d ago

recharging it won`t make it rumble ;)

Ludwig4728d ago

The article doesn't even metion the fact that Wii and 360 do rumble and are wireless ... O.o' .. that's odd. Stretch.

sadiq4728d ago

thats cuz they arent using touchsense technology, they are using last gen and i bet right now they are getting the wii's battery life on the contrller

FFVIIFan4728d ago

Because if its anything like the Wii Controller's battery life, I wouldn't even bother getting it.

ITR4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

The Wii mote on avg last 20-24 hrs on reg batteries.
Use better ones they last 28-32 hrs.

Using those very, very cheap Battary Plus ones (100 for $8 bucks)..they all last the 20-24 hr period.

For instance, I have some energizers batteries in a Wiimote now and it's already passed 13 hrs of play and it still shows a full battery charge.

ImWithStupid4728d ago

nothing but a gimmick, one that got copied by you know who.

QuackPot4728d ago

It's an old gen technology that is now standard and expected for all controllers.

NB. Sixaxis is a next gen technology - it never achieved its potential last gen - that will also become a standard for controllers.

Violater4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

If i get 15-20 hours battery time I would be fine with it, ohh and a 6 foot usb cable.
I think they should also take this time to tighten up the Analog sticks for playing FPS.
hey whatever happened to that mouse controller from splitfish the "fragchuck"

QuackPot4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

It should have the bulkier size and general form of the xbox 360 controller - has a better feel especially for shooters.

This will obviously allow more space for batteries.

Also a remade controller needs to:
* move the analogue sticks to the top - not offset.
* replace L2, R2 with triggers.

But back to the topic: c'mon guys, you really have to get a life. I'm talking about those who would spend more than 10 hours straight gaming. There's something more important. It's called the real world or life.

Then we'd have a definite rubble release date by now. Jeez.

NB. I'm only guessing the current rubble should easily achieve 10 hours. That's good enough for me. Now I and my controller need some sleep/a recharge to play another day.

Delive4728d ago

You can leave them where they are, I had no issues in SOCOM with the PS2. Tighten the sticks, Pack in a cord to charge and offer a program to return the 4 I have now without rumble. The tilt is like an extra analog stick, so keep it as is. I don't like triggers on the controller, but I see how people use them for driving and shooters. I use analog for driving (Gass/break) and I'm just fine with r1 to shoot.

sadiq4728d ago

the controller does not need a remake all most ps3 gamers want is tightened analog sticks, the reason i like the 360 controller is bcuz... 360=fps therefore you have the switched dpad and analog stick, ps3=all around gaming

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The story is too old to be commented.