New Halo 3 Awesomeness!

Halo 3 scans from Canada. 2 more halo 3 maps described, along with more multiplayer goodness.

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iceice1234728d ago

Where are these two new maps? This is old news, nothing new in this article.

Diselage4728d ago

there may not be a lot of new info, but there is new info there.

Xeoset4728d ago

It shows 2-3 new helmets. A better look at the Chopper.

Dyam this looks amazing!

Honeal2g4728d ago

i dont how much longer i can last this game is going to pump out some major console sales unless those 7 million halo to owners are amoung the 10 million 360 owners not considerin the growth of halo fans i mean halo 5 million halo2 7 million so halo 3 9 million hmmm..

InMyOpinion4728d ago

That round helmet reminds me of Haze.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

Reminds me of the book cover of the latest Halo noval that came out almost a year ago. If your trying to suggest that Halo is copying Haze you realy need to reverse your thinking and might need a reality check. If your just making a observation then I'm sorry but somehow I get the feeling that your attempting to Halo bash with another game where you character wears a super armor.

Diselage4728d ago

Yeah it looks like that helmet quite a bit, what kinda worries me is they say mix and match so i don't think we're going to have completely original helmets but it'll be like the emblems there are certain ones to pick from. I was hoping for an editor program more where you could morph your helmet.

DarkLordRaptor4728d ago

Awesome. They have the spartan 3 helmets from the Ghosts of Onyx book.

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The story is too old to be commented.