Ninja Gaiden Sigma First Day Sales

A severe lack of content has plagued the system for months now, and only now does it look like the software is finally beginning to roll and it kicks off with the launch of Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Released this past Wednesday in Japan, for its first day of sales Ninja Gaiden Sigma managed to sell 20k copies. With another six days remaining, I'd estimate first week sales of 40-45k for the game.

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Satanas4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

I'm not good with numbers, but it did far better than COD3, which I guess means something good then? I'd expect weekly sales to be pretty decent. The Eternal Sonata game of course did the best though. (Of the 3 mentioned titles.)

Blasphemy4774d ago

Fps are not popular in Japan like in the USA so the numbers are exspected. Although I was hoping the numbers would be higher for Sigma.

Satanas4774d ago

Yeah you're right about that, so I guess that is actually alright for COD then.

kingofps34774d ago

Yes! Ninja Gaiden Sigma can even go platinum at this rate. Everybody knows what this means for the PS3. Well, let me tell you. It time to beat the DS weekly sales. K, I know I going to far with this and NGS is no MSG4 but still is a solid experience.

I predict first week NGS sales of 100-150k.

ITR4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

I doubt it.
Many PS2 games only hit 60-75k in the first week.

Also we have to watch for drop off. Some games start off great but then drop off big time the following week.

I say it will hit around 35-45k.

FF could pull those numbers though.
Hot DS games come in over 100k too.
Wii games have hit 150k. Paper Mario got 154k in it's first week.

_insane_cobra4774d ago

"I predict first week NGS sales of 100-150k."

That's an extremely optimistic prediction.

ngg123454774d ago

I thought the sales would be lower then 67k (which was ninja gaiden original sales). It seems like it might make 100k.

Sevir044774d ago

there are a about 300k pre orders left unfilled so it'll do we'll the game rocks i'm playing the jap version now in full english

PS3 tag... SEVIREDgamer

Satanas4774d ago

Region free, so if you were to somehow get the import of the Jap version, it would work on an NTSC US/PAL system.

IPlayGames4774d ago

when i can out on xbox i was like oh that would be cool on ps2 but it wasnt enough for me to get a xbox. so now its on ps3 and im like hell ya bring it on (which is prob. the same for most of japan)