To Cool or Not to Cool? discusses the overheating issue surrounding the Xbox 360, and the best cooling solutions.

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Ichabod134735d ago

I use an Antec Notebook Cooler here for when it's hot out. Which is like 1/2 of the year. :P

Zinswin4735d ago

Mine sits on a marble slab that I bought at Home Depot...

toughNAME4735d ago

"Every owner of the Xbox 360 has had the same nightmare at on point in time; to come home from work or school and fire up the 360 for a nice night of rubbing paint and shooting friends. The 360 turns on like normal, but instead of the friendly green lights, the dreaded three red rings of death appear"

thats still on my launch 360 :D

cain1414735d ago

How is that wrong, he just said you've had the fear that it might crash. He didn't say it has crashed.

razer4735d ago

It is wrong. I don't worry about anything when I turn either of my 360's on that I've had since launch. If anything goes wrong that's why I have a warrenty to not have to worry about crap like this.

Btw - I hear Blu-rays are starting to mold now.. Looks like I might have to worry about all the Blu-ray games I have stop working at any moment.. See I can play this propaganda bullsh*t stuff too..

Xsux360 - I don't want no friggen movie player on my 360 game machine so I don't have an HD-DVD player. Wireless is lame and a hardwire connection works better so screw that issue as well. Controller for battery? I don't even know wtf you are talking about there. I have a quick charge kit that sits in another room it's not even connected to the 360. So I think you just need to shut your uninformed mouth. Geesh, some of the ignorant posts on this site are just incredible.

OC_MurphysLaw4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

launch system bought on 11/22/05....and still pluggin away 3-4 hours every other day.

Edit: Oh and NEVER used any kind of cooler. sits in my open air entertainment center...ventilated and dusted....runs perfect.

Ichabod134734d ago

Yeah my launch console works perfect. I've also had some form of cooling fan blowing in it or on it since launch. It gets well over 100F here in the summer and the heat is just a little too much for electronics.

I just exchanged my cable box last week from it overheating and dying. :P

felidae4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

... so you're the one eh?

i'm on my 3rd now.

i just hope the ps3 doesn't break that often because that would pss me off.

marionz4734d ago

yep had mine 13 mths and only ever got hot once because i left it in a closed glass cabnet duh, never did that again

never had a failure and it doesnt get any warmer then the ps3 when its left in an open ventilated space so im not worried, its true to a degree that alot of people have failures because they dont give the console air, but for the people that have bought faulty launch consoles it sucks and i understand why alot of people are angry with MS

i love my 360 and hope i dont have any problems with it but im not going to stress everydaythinking the worst, it doesnt get hot so im happy

gta_cb4734d ago

yep i havnt had that fear either.

i think i will be more worried when the warrenty runs out, but untill then i dont care as i wont have to pay for a repair, doesnt mean i dont look after my Xbox 360, i just dont worry about this issue like stated in the article (when i turn on the console blah blah blah)

dantesparda4734d ago

1st one died in 80-something days (launch unit) and the second one lasted 1 year and 3 months. And is now now dead. So all in all, 1 yr & 6 months for $520 (for the system, tax and 2 yrs of live, heck i didnt even get my 2 yrs worth out of Live) And now im expected to pay MS $70, because they built a defective system!? I will not be paying MS anything, Fvck them! Im sorry, but what a fvcking piece of sh!t the system is. The most unreliable piece of hardware i have ever owned, period! So good luck to all you guys, who's systems havent broke yet. But it will, trust me, its just a matter of time. I dont care how much you baby it. It will.

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Ichabod134735d ago

nice that probably stays pretty cool all the time in itself :P I have mine on a wire storage rack I got from Target. It's black, matches my elite. :P

Ichabod134735d ago

tough name...

that's why they call it a nightmare :P My original works 100% fine too. But believe me, seeing my friend's 360's drop around me, it has me worried everytime I fire the launch console up. haha

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The story is too old to be commented.