Zune turn around?

The zune may be coming alive. The new Halo zune model currently number one selling product out of all the Game Stop products. There were reports of at least one of the zunes on Game Stop site as being defective. Others just i pod fan boy smack talk who don't even have one. But for the most part people seem to be really excited and pleased with this product. Maybe in due time when you tell someone. Hey I got a zune they wont reply and say what is a zune?

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socomnick4799d ago

Im glad theres a mp3 player challenging the ipod the ipod just lacks the features that I need. The ipod honestly does not even look all that great I regret buying mine.

AudioRage4799d ago (Edited 4799d ago )

was a very innovative concept, it jus seems the first firmware versions were terrible. I know many people where i live where very interested by it, but its not available in europe yet, also, unfortunately its quite restricted due to drm

N4GayFanturds4799d ago

Many people are sleeping on the Zune. So what if it's a little thicker than a video iPod--it's features more than make up for it; 2x Bigger screen, built-in Radio, Wi-Fi, etc.

People hate cause it's Microsoft but IMO it's a good product. Most of it's weaknesses can be worked out with firmware updates.

sonarus4799d ago

apple has the mp3 player market and they have grasped it firmly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with zune but msoft definetly have to come harder and more innovative than wifi and built in radio. Halo 3 is not going to push zune sales no where. the zune is going to fail it was a valliant effort but none the less. Unless you come up with some technology that wirelessly beams music into ur head or sumthin cool that the ppl will eat up. and at the right price? then we'll be talkin

BIadestarX4799d ago

To succeed Zune does not have to beat Ipod. There are many people out there that are smarter than those that buy a product simply because the company that makes it. There are plenty of MP3 players selling a lot less units than the Ipod and they have a share in the market and an ok installbase to make them worth the investment. I think the Zune is already a success for the simple fact (as you mentioned "they have grasped it firmly")... and they are selling better than everyone expected. If microsoft continue to add features, firmware updates and new services... the zune installbase can only grow... and microsoft has the advantage of being able to use other areas (xbox live, Halo3) to push other products (Zune).

Ignorant Fanboy4799d ago

Or did you just not read the article?

Here is your quote:

"Halo 3 is not going to push zune sales no where"

Now here is a quote from the article:

"The new Halo zune model currently number one selling product out of all the Game Stop products."

I was going to buy one last month, but decided to wait for the H3 edition, so yes it will sell units.

SF49er4084799d ago

Why do people hate so much on the zune. Its way better then the ipod video in every way. Why wouldnt u want a bigger screen with widescreen viewing and be able to download unlimited music for 1499 a month. i never run with the zune so i dont care if its a little too big but the battery life is awesome, sometimes ill fall asleep and 1up podcasts will run all night and ill wake up and the battery will only be half gone

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