Quake Wars Public Beta: Yes, it's "definitely coming"

It has been confirmed by Splash Damage's community relations manager that there is going to be a Quake Wars: Enemy Territory public beta and that it will "roll out soon-ish."

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coldwar4799d ago

Can't wait for this, there's already the beta for Fileplanet users but since i'm not part of Fileplanet I'll have to wait for the Public beta. Lets hope that this Enemy Territory is as good as the old one, had so much fun with that one.

OC_MurphysLaw4799d ago

I personally have always liked the story behind Quake more so than that of Unreal. Both games should be good...but hopefully won't feel so similar in gameplay style. I am hoping Quake Wars will have a little more strategic feel to it than the run and gun of Unreal.

TrenchaunT4799d ago

Quake Wars will definitely be different than Unreal. You can download the previous title, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, for free, and see for yourself. It's very strategic, definitely not a run-and-gun game. So I think Quake Wars will rock.

Satanas4799d ago

Cool, betas are always good. I just hope the selection is broad rather than closed.

KoolMan4799d ago

only if it was crossplatform... =)

BlackIceJoe4799d ago (Edited 4799d ago )

I for one can't wait to try out this game. It has been being made for some time. So to finally be able to give this game a try is going to be a nice thing.

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