BOINC Distributed Computing Now Optimized for PS3. 20x Faster Than PC.

Another distributed computing platform has been optimized for the PS3 architecture. BOINC, which is a platform that is used for multiple research projects has now been optimized for Cell processors and runs on Linux.

"PS3GRID is a volunteer computing project based on the PLAYSTATION3 and BOINC for full-atom molecular dynamics simulations and other scientific applications specially optimized for the Cell processor. Your contribution is very important because our Cell MD molecular dynamics software runs over an order of magnitude faster on the PLAYSTATION3 opening the way to innovative computational experiments."

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kspraydad4737d ago


Why not TRY to put a coherent thought together about the message rather than the messenger...

On topic.

I submitted this story as it is of interest to those that use thier PS3 as a Linux machine. It is also of interest to those interested in optimized performance from Cell architecture. I'd say it passes both those test.

Nicosia4737d ago

Its great if ya ask me. Ok on the whole sony protection group thing, they lied and gone to extreme fanboyism. Thats why people have a hard time believing them.

kspraydad4737d ago

Actually they didn't.

It was a posting on an open forum that Deeko, VGOA and N4G then turned into a 'story' that was attributed back to SPG. You can see Deeko's public apology here:

Quote: If you’ve read our previous article, please do NOT go to their boards solely for the purpose fo trolling, as it is not the claim of Sony Protection Group nor are they responsible for the article.

In fact, the letter Mark Rein wrote, while still true, was sent to a different site entirely and thus our story is, in fact, in error. While it’s still true that the PS3 will not be seeing Gears of War 2 anytime soon, if ever, Mark Rein did not contact Sony Protection Group nor did Sony Protection Group have any hand in keeping this rumor alive - it was simply a member of their forums and we apologize to Sony Protection Group for any problems this may have caused.

Nicosia4737d ago

^^ thats new to me. Well you can't deny in the beginning of there site it was really fanboyism.

FadedDRFT4737d ago

Dumb Americunt.... Go play your 180 with your mummy, and if you get bored suck some dlck, Yanks usually do that....

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Kaneda4737d ago

No WAY! 360 is FASTER! SONY LIES!!! :)

KoolMan4737d ago

did i miss something? i dont see the problem here!!!

Relin4737d ago

I'm surprised it took BOINC so long to jump on the bandwagon, after the success with [email protected] That opens dozens of projects for those with Linux. Good news!

ImWithStupid4737d ago

try to argue that pc's and 360's are on the same level as the PS3....children are

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