Super Street Fighter Guile HD Sprite

The guys over at the Capcom Blog site plan on bringing you art for all the SF characters in the game, and much more. Follow the link to check out Guile in HD.

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Systematrix4736d ago

Guile was always my fav when playing the game in the old days...He looks pretty ripped now.

Lord Anubis4736d ago

so the gameplay will be the same?

hikikimori4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

But this is a concept/art, its not gfx?

ErcsYou4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

its a in game shot with the background removed.

this is a great start for capcom. this is going to be a psn and xbox live downloadable game and hopefully they will make a streetfighter 4 someday soon. ill take mars matrix 2 also while im dreaming

i hope Super Street Fighter 2 turbo HD has online play because me, akuma and my virtua sick high grade plan to own all who step up......

if anyone wants to make a petiton to have capcom do a marvel vs capcom 2 HD, i will sign it in a heart beat. .....

@ below....some of us have been hardcore capcom followers since you were still getting you butt wiped by your mother. some of us like more varity then shooters( fps,3rd person shooters, rpg shooter, online shooter) some of us do care about SF2THD why even post, to tell us to buy lost planet?

chasegamez4736d ago

who cares about street fighter its a good game go get lost planet get some of xbox exclusive

Bloodmask4736d ago

I'm most excited about. SF2 has always been the king.

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