Nintendo rumored to be working on new DS hardware with bigger screen

The Japanese magazine Gamelabo reports in its most recent issue that Nintendo has its eyes on a revised version of the DS hardware which will feature a larger screen and more readable fonts for users who may have a difficult time playing on the smaller machine.

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Diselage4735d ago

If they do this i may actually go out and pick one up then.

sMoKe4735d ago

nah i wont but they do look good and my little bro has one and he loves it so they must be good cos he takes it everywhere with him all i hear him shouting is REX REX REX i think the name of his dog.

i have even caught my mum and dad playing it so it must be good im all for the ds yeh make another one but bigger screen it works

Diselage4735d ago

The japanese sure love these things, so they can't be all bad. I'm just not a huge handheld gaming kind of guy but i know homebrew is coming to the DS which would make the DS more appealing then so if they upgrade it again i may pick it up.

sMoKe4735d ago

oh come on 1 more approval

LeonSKennedy4Life4735d ago

Under the explanation, you put the word "to" instead of the word "too". I'm a deuschebag, I know...but I like good grammar.

If they were to make a new one, it would probably be like the iPhone. The touch-technology Apple has in that thing is AMAZING!!! It would DEFINITELY benefit gaming...

iceice1234735d ago

In buying a Nintendo handheld until the end of its lifecycle. Well maybe not that bad. They're just upgrading it all the time then the original people feel dissapointed. At least I know I would.

iNcRiMiNaTi4735d ago

they made the original DS which was pretty big, then they made the DS lite, which was smaller and now they wanna make it big again??? WTF?

sadiq4735d ago

i think the screen was always the same size

pLaystation4735d ago

i agree when i bough the gameboy color i was happy then tha gameboy advance came out i was like cool i got it then the advnace sp came out i was like wow thats pretty gay they shoulda just made this 1 first then all these other models came out now im thinking of buying a ds lite but now this shows up? thats one thing i hate about nintendo they have like 5 diff models n sht i gave up on them

Numark4735d ago

I know my opinion doesn't count to much, but my thoughts are "Enough is enough"

I mean, I hate when a company consistently upgrades there hardware and people keep going out and buying it. I will be content with my lite, and I wil just wait until they release whatever is after the DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.