New DS game Tells women how to look nice lol what next

Women in japan will now be told how to put there makeup on.
With this game that the DS will release giving beauty tips.

I think there is to much trouble in the world by people who worry to much about there looks.
This is just the start of making things worse for womankind (listen girls you are beautiful no matter what you look like)

lol what next are we just gonna hand everything over to AI.

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Diselage4235d ago

Well when theres one to tell them how to wait on their man then we'll need to worry.

sMoKe4235d ago

so is this ok i had a good look around for gaming news

Diselage4235d ago

Good but you may want to edit your summary a bit, make sure it's a complete sentence and all

iceice1234235d ago

Doesn't seem right, does it?

LeonSKennedy4Life4235d ago

I understood the post...

...good enough dude.

Cheers to ace_of_spades!!!

LeonSKennedy4Life4235d ago

It is a bit weird. I doubt anything will happen with it though...

Ludwig4235d ago

Actualy, the game content is prolly designed by a "human" makeup artist .. and it's a teaching game about makeup tricks and techniques.. nothing .. "computer controls the human race!!!" ..

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