5 New Mercenaries 2 Screens

In Mercenaries 2, Pandemic has constructed a whole new 'playground of destruction' from the ground up, fully stocked with the hottest vehicles and weapons. Set in a new and exotic hotspot, you can be your own boss in a wide-open world where there's only one rule: everybody pays.

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Diselage4737d ago

Screens looked nice and i really enjoyed the first so this will probably need to be in my collection.

hikikimori4737d ago

What system are those shots from?

Danielson4737d ago

wow this game is going too be some much fun, cant wait
The explosions in these screens are amazing, i am going to blow the sh!t out of everything when i play

Dr Pepper4737d ago

Looks like fun. Hopefully it won't turn out like Just Cause (repetitive).