Five New Titles To Hit The Playstation 3 Console Next Week…

It looks like Sony is ready to expand the Playstation 3's lineup of games … with FIVE additional PS1 titles! Alright! Yeah! Why isn't anyone clapping? Hello?

Dont you think that they should be focusing on making new ps3 titles instead of reviving the dead

(Let sleeping dogs lay)

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Diselage4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

5 in one week? Wish the 360 would get that many for once.

Also, bravo on the submission ace.

sMoKe4232d ago

Yea but they have already been done b4 get new titles and not like

Tekken 1 redone just for ps3
i just dont like how many tekkens they have brung out get something new please i think they are running out of ideas with tekken
but they will think of something else like

Tekken IIIII Turbo Tag Match Arena ----LOL

Diselage4232d ago

Yeah original IP's mixed in with retro titles is what makes that whole system work.

sMoKe4232d ago

yeh but they need to make something new all they are doing is improving the graphics a bit at a time and adding some new characters

LeonSKennedy4Life4232d ago

That's what most developers do...

Why do you think Dynasty Warriors still sells???

Right...I don't know either!

...but we can both agree that it never really changes that much.

Tekken is great! Tekken: Dark Resurrection (PSP verion) was the best fighter last year...and is, so far, the best fighter this year (PS3 version). VF5 was good, but T:DR is freakin' AMAZING!!!

They did put Tekken 2 on the Network though...which confused me...because most people would say Tekken 3 was the penicle of the series until 5 and Dark Resurrection.

Here's hopin' for MGS1, FFVII, Hydro Thunder, NFL Blitz, Dave Mirra: Freestyle BMX, Street Sk8r, and Doom!!!

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yocdub4232d ago

Really, you think Wii (fans) players complain when the get retro titles on their system. By now most of us have moved on since PS1 and would really like to enjoy some of those earlier titles that made Sony Playstation a viable game company. Yes we all want NEW fresh titles (they are coming) to play and for only being 7 months old,the PS3 has plenty to choose from via retro and original. GO Puzzle is new and next week we got Stardust (plus those 5 retro titles) so really, give developers a break (by the way I happen to be one) the titles will arrive, be patient.

BitbyDeath4231d ago

Agreed, i want more PS1 titles. Not sure if i'll buy any of the ones they had listed but more content the better.

I wish they'd redesign the look of PSN tho, it's really ugly especially for those of us that are stuck on 576p

LeonSKennedy4Life4232d ago

These are just new UK titles...not US.

I have Medieval...if anyone wants a good's pretty freakin' sweet! Syphon Filter is the one we should ALL buy though.

sMoKe4232d ago

i agree with you guys i love Tekken but i just think its getting a bit boring now and namco should try making another massive fighting ass whooping game cos they know they can nuff said

Diselage4232d ago

Yeah a twist on what they do wouldn't be a bad change of pace, just to give customers a new story line if nothing else.

Systematrix4232d ago

about retro titles and remakes. Bring me the new stuff!!

smart_head4232d ago

Could one of the moderators change the title to "Five PS1 Titles Available For Download On PS3 Next Week…"??? I hate people that adjust the news title to maximize the number of views for their own good.

Systematrix4232d ago

I reported it as a misleading title but it wasn't changed. Maybe the contributor didn't see my report before it was approved.

sMoKe4232d ago

no sorry i didnt and i never changed it i just copied and pasted from tips section sorry if i can change it i will

smart_head4232d ago

It's okay, ace_of_spades. I'm sure the title can be modified now. I've noticed it happen before.

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