Motorstorm update available or not?

Something weird has happened. Felice Standifer, who's the producer for Motorstorm claims that the long awaited Motorstorm update 1.2 has been postponed due to a nasty bug. Now the weird thing is that if you fire up Motorstorm and head to the online section of the game, it says there's an update available, and you can even download the new Time Attack mode from the European Playstation Store only.

Right now the patch and new game mode are only available in Europe. The Time Attack mode is only 100KB large so it shouldn't take long to download. But be warned, if you download the new game mode from the Playstation store without updating the game itself, it's possible that you can't play anymore, both online and offline.

A logical explanation would be that they released the patch too early and found out about the bug that's causing the network problems afterwards. In that case it's probably only a matter of time before they pull the patch and the item from the Playstation Store. If you don't really care about the online mode you'd better hurry up before it's too late, since Standifer didn't mention a new date yet.

Do you like taking risks? Download the update and let us know what happens!(Presently available for Europe only)

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Kaneda4737d ago

Youuuuuu cannnn DOOOOO IIEETTT!!!

felidae4737d ago

if you want to download the time trial mode from psn it says that you first have to update motorstorm.

so only blind fools will do something different.

Gamer luv4737d ago

hey well mines working

the modes quite good but fukin boring.

guernsey754737d ago

Mine updated alright and its seems to be working with out any trouble.

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