Hot Rock Wii Case Changes Color With Temperature

This new replacement case employs a built in digital thermometer which monitors your Nintnendo Wii's internal core temperature and adjusts the case LED color output accordingly. For example the case LEDs will be light blue when the Wii's core temperature is below 29C. After several minutes of operation the core temperature has risen to 41C and the LED changes to yellow.

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sMoKe4799d ago

i think this is great why not
u will know now when to jump out the way incase it blows now good story hope it gets approved.

coldwar4799d ago

Lets see what they do with the other consoles -imagines the possiblities-

Ichabod134799d ago

if you check out they have a case coming out for the 360 that has this temperature meter on it. I'd be scared to know how hot my 360 is running though haha :P