Microsoft paid $50 million for GTA IV Downloadable Content

From a conference call held with Take 2's CFO last week:

"The first 25 million is for the first episodic content package that 's supposed to go out and that is in March of '08. That's why it moved into current because it's in the next 12 months. The second 25 will be for the second episodic, the episode, and that will be later in fiscal '08."

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Seraphim4855d ago (Edited 4855d ago )

MS is surely betting that they're going to BANK off these GTA fans who pay a rediculous amount of money for the episodic content. That you can be sure of...

Personally. I don't mind additional maps but the story itself should be told whole, and episodic content says nothing more than a way for us to milk your money. I can see an expansion when it's truly an expansion and offers a vast amount of new gameplay. But the single player aspect should be told in it's entirety and shouldn't involve added content that the purpose of is to generate revenue and profit...

Gamer luv4854d ago

Well if thats wat you think, dont buy it simple as.

But for those who do, i bet they have a blast.

Seraphim4854d ago

the game as it is will be suffice and adequate enough to "have a blast" with. You don't have to get ripped off by buying episodic content to "have a blast" with the game.... It's a joke. And the more people who buy into the more the industry will begin to think they can get away with it. This can only be the start of a downward spiral which isn't going to be good for consumers...

ImWithStupid4855d ago

360 fanboys disagree when you tell em that take two needed bailing out of possible chapter 11 and Sony told em to take the money. they must know something we don't? a dissapointing GTA?? hmmmmm

Marceles4855d ago

50 mil = chump change for MS, but I hope it'll be worth it

gta_cb4854d ago

yeh, although i will be trying to buy GTA IV the day it comes out i will not buy the DLC untill i have learnt whats included. i will be disapointed if it was just extras like customizing your clothes etc.

Honeal2g4854d ago

Bill gates probably has like a 50 million dollar coin or something just tossed to take-two. told em keep the change lol...

reaperxciv4854d ago

yeah you're right on that one, $50M is just peanuts to Billg, he earns more than that in a day

Xi4855d ago

how big is the episodic content? Like hl episode 1/2, pretty much new game big? or just some new models and missions, for 25mil a pop I'm guessing they'll be like new games.

MoonDust4855d ago

I'm sure they will make it all back when they charge for it.

ER1X4855d ago

10 bucks each at least (800 points a pop).

Diselage4855d ago

Pending how big they are who knows maybe 1200 points a piece.

gta_cb4854d ago

yeh its actually worrying as they prob know that they can higher the price as GTA is a hugh franchise and people will buy the content, i hope its not that expensive.

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