SCEA director talks about SOCOM: Confrontation

In a recent interview, the director of development for Sony Computer Entertainment America Seth Luisi spoke about the upcoming SOCOM: Confrontation for the PlayStation 3. First off, he spoke on what they wanted to focus on and how they envision players playing it.

"We want you to always be careful when you're going around a corner, because you may run into five guys coming at you the other way. We want you to really look at the environment and have to learn it to know all the different paths and different intricate ways that you can navigate the environment, so that you can find your own special routes and routes at different ways through it; so that you can really use the environment a lot more than we had in previously games. Because we kind of want the environment to be more of a part of the game in this one."

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Lord Anubis4729d ago

fan of the socom series definitely getting both socom games, hope Socom from ZIpper has online as well.

Fisher3394729d ago

but socom having online, is a given...

ngg123454729d ago

Especially for a dev that created the engine for the best looking psp game.

Sevir044729d ago

Zipper knows online so i'm quit confident that this Online only game will be just as awesome a Warhawk. after all they said that they have 2 Socom Games in development. one being online only and the other which is coming out fall next year with a dull fledged single player and powerfull online mechanics will be there, I'll pick this up.. i like how sony is really trying to deliver on their promise for a robust online experience... and this time around their first party is doing it and showing how the hardware should be used... Great... fall is gonna take away alot of my money. but i can careless the games are all timed right. E3 is only amonth away.. people will be playing this at that time

Lord Anubis4729d ago

the online only is not being developed by Zipper. :P

Zipper Interactive is working on a SOCOM game while other studios is doing the online only PSN game.

Premonition4729d ago

The game looks good, and im guessing the price will be just as good, I'm hoping for 40-50bucks.