Blu-ray disc coatings starting to rot?

A thread over at the AVS Forums has highlighted a potential problem with the coating of Blu-ray discs, described by many as "disc rot" due to the mould-like spots that have made several owner's Blu-ray discs unplayable. The five page thread has reports from dozens of forum members, many of them discovering spots which can't be rubbed off on Blu-ray versions of "The Prestige." It's impossible to judge how widespread the problem is from a single forum thread, although it's not unheard of to see a product recall after a problem is discovered by users on a forum.

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ITR4736d ago

It looks like the coating on the disc is deteriorating.

I thought it was caused by the sun...maybe not.

I wonder if the disc can be effected if you live in a hot/humid climate.
The reason I ask is because I've seen this before on a few other disc's in the SE.

Lord Anubis4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

its likely this may has to do with the replicator the company that produced the||that disc. it doesn't sound like its a wide spread problem, I have yet to find spots on my discs.


By the looks of it, is the coating that is having a reaction. I'm in california, I play Resistance fall of man a lot of times and disc is fine. I'm certain it has to do with the replicator providing the discs.

ITR4736d ago

Like I just told someone else...
My friend has the same spots/specks on his BD discs.
Ricky Bobby one (Free PS3 disc) and Xmen 2. It covers half to a qtr of the disc.
They sometimes play ok and other times they skip.

I wonder if the coating could be possibly be de-laminating due to heat, UV, humidity or a combo of all 3?

dissectionalrr4735d ago

my resistance disc has been locking the console up (sometimes) for a couple months. low and behold.... spots. good job, sony.

Counter_ACT4736d ago

None of mine are doing that. :/

mrsharky4735d ago

I have 13 bluray movies and all of them look new.

drtysouf214736d ago

No spots wonder if its just a bad batch or what? I'm sure all the companies involved with blu-ray did age testing and climate testing and various other tests to ensure it lasts.

drtysouf214736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

at the same time.

Never had that happen is that a glitch on the site?

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The story is too old to be commented.