Time Crisis 4 Warps To PS3: New Trailer

...below you'll find a trailer of the game, which pretty much scrolls through all the necessary jaw-dropping aspects of the game; it looks great, it moves fast and it's exclusive for the PlayStation 3...

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Mr_Kuwabara4737d ago

I really wanted to see what the fuss of this game was really about.

Diselage4737d ago

Still don't see what all the fuss is about.

Kaneda4737d ago

Well, I hope the gameplay is good...but the graphic is really bad...

Satanas4737d ago

Gaining interest in this game. I'll have to try out the Guncon first though.

GaMr-4737d ago

Unless you have a real arcade like set up. 46 inches or bigger set and some room to really stand back and take aim. Dont even bother with these titles. I had them on the PS2. Couldnt play anymore after I bought my LCD HDTV. Guncons werent compatible with it. : (

Satanas4737d ago

Oh, I never thought of that! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I think my monitor would be too small for this...a bummer. May rent still though.

Kyur4ThePain4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I posted in the wrong bad.

Close_Second4737d ago

...had their day over a decade ago. The fun is too short lived and their is no real support (other than that from Namco) for the G-Con controllers.

Even if this game redefined the rail gun genre, I would never be tempted to spend $1,199 (NZD) on a PS3 to then have to spend another $150 (NZD) for the game and G-con controller.

artman4737d ago

get PS3 for NZ$810 (1 game included) if you want~ I'll go to NZ this November ^_^
You want one? btw it's region free, so there will be no problem to play ps3 games, except if you want to play some movies (i'm not sure, haven't tried yet)

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The story is too old to be commented.