GameStop: Wii Blaster due on June 27

The argument that there's no link between video games and violence may be a little harder to convince parents of later this month. Just try telling mom and dad that every thing's cool on June 27 when their toddler points the Wii sawed-off shotgun in their face and asks them (with an adorable speech impediment) if they feel "wucky."

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Diselage4737d ago

Thats a pretty neat looking Wiigun if i do say so myself.

ITR4737d ago

I'm not sure what Duck Hunt.

Wii Play fake duck hunt.
Ultimate Duck Hunt which is a PC game port.
Or Duck Hunt from Nintendo...supposedly coming out this winter.

Diselage4737d ago

Hogan's Alley, that was a good game for the Zapper. That would be great if that showed on VC.

ITR4737d ago

Just in time for RE 4!

Bloodmask4737d ago

are bringing back the zapper where is R.O.B. the robot?

Diselage4737d ago

I would like to see the power pad make a comeback as well.

ITR4737d ago

Power Pad is the new DDR Pad.

Bloodmask4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

double post.