What Does Sony Have Up Their Sleeve?

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"With Sony expending nearly all of their major titles so early on in the year, what does that leave for the second half of 2010 and beyond? What does Sony have up their sleeve?"

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swiftshot935293d ago

Thats what I want to know. We literally have no idea whats coming this fall for Sony. But for MS we know they have Halo, Fable, unannounced RARE games (confirmed) and Natal.

Sony...they could have Resistance, Starhawk, Jaffe's game, The Last Guardian...Agent? Who knows, but us not knowing what Sony has for their fall line-up is weird, cause its just not like Sony....

Sev5293d ago

Agreed, that isn't really like Sony. Then again, I don't think they want to take attention away from what they have coming during the first half of the year.

Which are all deserving of their proper attention.

AznSniper5293d ago

There are also possible exclusives from 3rd parties to go along with Agent from Rockstar such as the rumored Kingdom Hearts: Another Dive and Blizzard in talks with console manufacturers for Diablo 3.

swiftshot935293d ago

I agree...Modnation Racers, GOWIII, GT5, and Heavy Rain are looking to be stellar, AAA games that Sony ought to be focused on showing and telling. Still, having a lot of games per year havent stopped Sony from making announcements before....we dont even know the official name of the motion controller and it coming in the spring. I mean, if this is their new strategy-not talking about upcoming stuff-then I dont like it.

Sev5293d ago (Edited 5293d ago )

Sony just isn't showing the public yet. They're hard at work. ;)

-MD-5293d ago

"unannounced RARE games (confirmed"

Do want!

Saaking5293d ago

More TRUE exclusives, more features, and a lot of other great stuff. You can always count on Sony to deliver unlike the other two.

ssipmraw5293d ago

team ico and sony santa monica are two of the greatest devs ever
the two games they have for release are enough alone

Marceles5293d ago

Honestly, I don't want to know until shortly before it comes out. It seems like the moment Sony does announce something for a release at a much later date, everyone gets to work on "Sony has just announced (insert game/new innovation), but does it matter? We don't think so." articles. I know they have some good stuff planned though.

ShadowRyuX5293d ago

No offense, but rare has sucked it up big since they were bought by Microsoft. Conker Live and Reloaded disappointed many fans, PDZ although a great launch title is not really fantastic by any standard, Banjo was also considering pretty disappointing. However, if they manage to pump out a really good game I will be more than willing to shell out for it. Here is hoping for an awesome Conker sequel.

-MD-5293d ago (Edited 5293d ago )

While I didn't get to play Live and Reloaded cause I was a PS2 guy last gen I have played all of the Rare titles on the 360 and haven't been disappointed by any of them

I bought PDZ 3 times because it was so good, Nuts and Bolts was awesome and Kameo was a sweet launch title.

Viva Pinata was so-so but still easily a good game.

I'm hoping for a new Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct or Conker.

aaronisbla5293d ago

why did you buy PDZ 3 times?

-MD-5293d ago

Cracked my first copy by accident, and I bought a limited edition one as a backup.

captain-obvious5293d ago

all i want from rare is
my battletoads HD

anyway on topic

you may never know

ChozenWoan5293d ago

Not only that, but with the stellar lineup of games in just the first half of 2010, Sony still has to market the console that only does everything. Add to that the fact that 3D and motion controls are coming sometime mid to late this year there is the danger of giving consumers information overload about the PS3.

Too many games...
Too little time....
Toooooo little moneyz.

vhero5293d ago

Sonys E3 is gonna be spectacular this year because they are holding all the cards.

iceman065293d ago

I am more than SURE that they have some really exciting announcements coming up. We still have some major conventions where they will being going toe to toe with MS and Nintendo for announcements. GDC and E3 will probably be really exciting. Plus, there is a crap load of software that is being released between now and the Fall. I would bet that Sony doesn't want people to be conservative with there wallets either!*L*

DaTruth5293d ago (Edited 5293d ago )

If Sony tells us about some future amazing games, we might hold on to our cash for then; But if they don't tell us, we will buy indiscriminately and then when more amazing games we want come in the fall, we will have no choice but to buy!

I might buy five games in early 2010, based on my taste and be good for the year; But if Sony announces Eight Days at E3, I will be sure to buy it. If I knew now that Eight Days is coming in September, I might axe Modnation(not that I am buying that) and hold on to my doe for Eight Days.

Immortal3215293d ago

Sony is most known for their good product

-MD-5293d ago Show
pain777pas5291d ago

3-d implementation, motion controls and a game or games that showcase both working simultaneously. Sony will have some major goods this year. Count on it!

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arakouftaian5293d ago (Edited 5293d ago )

We may have

Siphon filter (ps3)
The last guardian
Twisted metal (ps3)
Jack and dexter (ps3)
Socom (made by Zipper)

and is any of this games fail to be on 2010
they will be made for 2011 for sure


nyc gamer

im sure is one or few games
that i just post
above you.

i picks
Resistance 3
The last Guardian
Twisted Metal

remanutd555293d ago

Killzone 3 is not gonna happen till next year ( it will get official announced at this E3 but it wont be out this year )
Jack and Daxter ps3, this year? wow im not sure about that
Socom made by Zipper this year , not happening maybe for 2011
The Getaway have more chances to come out this year than those games but then again who knows lol

xabmol5293d ago

If you look at the way ND releases their games you'll notice a distinct pattern.

Trilogy then a spin off.

Crash 1-3 then CTR

J&D 1-3 then Jak X

Uncharted 1-3 then Drake Team Racing? I don't think DTR will ever happen, but that leaves a nice opening for a new J&D.

Disccordia5293d ago

Tears of Blood and Silhouette.

I'd like to know whether these games were real because they sounded cool, especially the concept behind Tears of Blood.