GERMANY and SPAIN Sales Charts 28 May - 3 June

Little carrier pigeon just landed on my windowsill. Poor thing was exhausted. Europe to Australia, non-stop, just to get me the latest German and Spanish sales charts.


1) Sims 2: H&M
2) Forza 2
3) Loki
4) Brain Training
5) Tomb Raider Anniversary (PC)
6) Tomb Raider Anniversary (PS2)
7) Singstar: Pop Hits
8) Mario Strikers Charged
9) Forza 2 Ltd Edition
10) World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

Click on through for the Spanish charts.


1) Pro Evo 6 Platinum (PS2)
2) Forza 2
3) Pro Evo 6 Platinum (PSP)
4) Wii Play
5) Forza 2 Ltd Edition
6) Pirates 3 (PS2)
7) God of War II
8) Pokemon Ranger
9) Brain Training
10) Smash Court Tennis

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InMyOpinion4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

I know it's not modified, but I find it strange that Kotaku writes "European Sales Chart" when it's only the charts for Spain and Germany. I'm blaming Kotaku not you. Lol! Love the correction ;)

cookiemonster4736d ago

woo go forza and brain training