The PS3 launches successfully in Korea (Including new pictures)

It finally happened! Sony has launched their 80GB, video-on-demand ready, super cool edition PlayStation 3 in Korea. While PS3Fanboy weren't there to celebrate the event, a few people over at the PS3Forums caught the action with their trusty internet-surfing abilities.

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MK_Red4233d ago

Earlier today, there were some photos showing rather empty place but now its crowded. Good for PS3. Hope good news keep coming.

Maddens Raiders4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

I thought it was going to be a "sausage fest" according to ITR. TOO BAD he wasn't able to "post" the wonderful Kotaku shots of "empty seats" boooo - freakin - hooooo....take that you freak.

I really fell bad... well, you know since he was there covering the event and all and hoping for the best turnout....hmmm...that's wierd he / she hasn't posted here yet either....strange [e/sarc]

c'mon Bloodmask, contra26, calderra, POG, Martin, omon steveo or w/e the hell your name is, Xi...yeah oh and good 'ol THAMMER1...where is the MS TROLL brigade on this one?

Only FUD - D- Duddy PS3 news will suit you clones, eh? HA man this feels good. Your Charlatans all that actually hate to play games.

Get off the PS3's jock and go buy one or two like I did. That way you all will have something to do when you get off N4G and your palms won't hurt as bad either. It's time to get over your self-loathing and your incredible hatred of the PS3. It's a console, not an ex-girlfriend / boyfriend w/e.

Thanks MK Red


Xi4233d ago

you're starting to act more and more like Krazy Ken. You can't play b3yond if there's nothing to play. Maybe some movies.

MK_Red4233d ago

OMG, that makes me want PS3 more than ever. No wonder Korea launch is succesfull.

Satanas4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

It's weird how the first set of pictures seems empty, and the second set is so lively. I assume the first set was taken a margin of time prior to the event.

Shiny as ever:

ChanDangle4233d ago

I like where your head is at. :thumbsup:

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4233d ago

More too come, E3 & Beyond! :)

Mr_Kuwabara4233d ago

Now that good games are in the way I hope they experience the best that Sony has to offer and I hope that all goes well for Sony and Korea.

Naruto4233d ago

YeaH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.