CD Action Reviews Mass Effect 2 - 10/10

TMC: Polish gaming magazine CD Action reviewed Mass Effect 2 with a 10/10 score calling it the best Third Person Shooter among RPG's and best Space RPG among other things

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FangBlade4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

3 sentences and a score.

N4PS3G4881d ago

That why its under news and not the review section ;)

makes sense?

Bungie4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

Best game evaaa


well deserved

not alot of games can compete with it IMO

FreeFalling4881d ago

lol Bungie...
you and your PS3 profile pics make me lol.

you be trollin'.

gamer20104881d ago

It's going to be an amazing experience. I have no doubt that it will be one of the stand out games of the generation for me and lots of other people. The first one is already one of my stand out games this generation. Bioware are true masters of their craft.

Bungie4881d ago

Congratulations Bioware

Great developers...Great game


4881d ago
mikeslemonade4881d ago

This will be a great game but won't surpass Mass Effect 1. Mass Effect 1 was so far ahead of its time compared to other games when it came out. There's too much competition right now. It might not even be the best RPG of the year.

Harry_Manback4881d ago

I can finally dust off the ol' 360.

aaron58294881d ago


Shut the hell up


For another overhyped and overrated boring adventure from Bioware...well at least as boring as the first ME!

BTW why not bringing back Jade Empire... Thats a classic I treasured on my original black beast.

I will happily buy the next Jade Empire on my 360!!


doomsonyman4880d ago

ima getting mass effect 1 and infamous today and i'm so excited! great score cant wait to play mass effect 2. happy gaming people!

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Bungie4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

Mass effect 2

Day 1

Elven64881d ago

If Aliens were to get in range of earth just enough to pick up Wifi signals and accidentally check out N4G, they would decide the future of our existence via fanboyism.

If someone decided to print the comments section of N4G and suddenly civilization was largely destroyed, archaeologists would find said printed sheet thousands of years from now and conclude we lived like this. ^^^

gamer20104881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

Certainly nothing as big as Uncharted 2 was for the PS3 last year. The 360 has the better lineup hands down.


It's true, fanboyism is stupid. But it is also human nature that when somebody constantly attacks something you love that you will want to make them feel the same way. It's a stupid, vicious cycle.

BTW, what I wrote at the top may sound fanboyish and in a sense it is, but I really believe what I wrote, it's not just to get somebody's goat.

Dev8 ing4880d ago

Yeah right. PC exclusives blow the 360 out of the water for 2010. Ever heard of a game called Starcraft? Some countries consider it a religion. Maybe you haven't heard of another bioware game called Star Wars: The old republic which actually is exclusive to PC. I mean I can go on but I'm sure you can google 2010 pc exclusives. What are you comparing these PC games to? Another Halo, Another Fable.

Hakimy4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

"best Third Person Shooter among RPG's and best Space RPG"
can someone mention me games like that? cus I don't think I know games like that.oh and I'm talking about ps2 era.if there is none then tell me about games like this in this gen cus I really want to know ;)

Edit: lol wtf? guys I'm actually asking here XD
I could think of Parasite Eve.if that's what they mean then this is interesting ;)

Heartbroken-Menace4881d ago

Well, can't wait to play ME2 on my pc, awesome game.

gamer20104881d ago

You PS3 fanboys are so funny. You come into these articles and purposely go out of your way to tell people you are getting the game for the PC and then when people laugh at you you act innocent and complain that people are overreacting.

Well, you know what is really stupid about that whole game you guys play? You say that the PC is a platform so the game is multiplatform, but then why are you going out of your way to mention what platform you are getting it for? When a game is multiplatform for the PS3 and 360 you almost never see people go out of their way to mention whether they are getting it for the 360 or the PS3. People just talk about the game.

FangBlade4881d ago

Because 99% of the 360 owners thinks this game is exclusive and I guess its importent to people like Heartbroken-Menace to mention the PC version. And besides, we both know the PC version will be superior so why not? Im getting this for my PC aswell.

Tony P4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

@Hakimy: A space RPG that is also a shooter? That's really narrow...

System Shock? It's an old (but excellent) PC title. It is the precursor to Bioshock so plays similarly.

Besides that... Deus Ex is legendary among shooter/RPG hybrids and it's sci-fi. But it's PC-only. Deus Ex 2 is not as deep or diverse, but it looks better and was on Xbox and PC.

There are no shooter RPGs I know of on the JRPG side, but plenty of sci-fi with swords like Star Ocean and Rogue Galaxy.

Edit: scratch that, PE is probably the closest you can get.

table4881d ago

I think the people complaining about pc gamers need to chill. You can't catch a break round here if you game on pc. I don't like seeing people use this game for their own fanboy agenda which 360 fanboys are doing by pretending it's exclusive and ps3 fanboys by pretending they will get it on pc. There is nothing wrong mentioning that you'll get it for pc, it makes a nice change from all the console nutters at each others throats.

Cold 20004881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

Looks like 2.1 is kind of butthurt lol.

4881d ago
4Sh0w4881d ago

I don't get your point, I think 360 fanboys are just rightfully calling out the trolling BS on the part of ps3 fanboys. If these so called pc gamers are getting the game on pc then great but theres really not much point to telling everybody which one your getting, if you like the game why not just tell us why? Just my opinion.

On topic, this game looks like its going to be one of the special games of all time.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

Windows PC = Microsoft
Xbox 360 = Microsoft
Mass Effect 2 = Microsoft exclusive

If you want to play Mass Effect 1 or 2 you "have" to own a Xbox 360 or a Windows PC (fact)

PS3 fanboys scream "PC" because they wont ever be getting this game on a PS3.

Everyone knows PC is MS's domain, that's why every PC ad is funded by MS and every MAC ad attacks Microsoft.

The same PS3 fanboys saying they will get it on PC are the same hypocrites that say "PC gaming is dying" because the 360 and PC both are in direct competition with Sony's PS3.

Mass Effect 2: not on a PS3, MAC, Wii or Linux only on Windows PC and Xbox 360 :) sorry about all this truth PS3 fans you can go back to your delusional fantasy world now and live in denial.

JeffGUNZ4881d ago

Jason 360 beat me to the punch. Most 360 fans are saying this game is CONSOLE exclusive. Meaning, for the majority of gamers out there, who have a console, you can only play it on the 360. Also, it's by Microsoft, why wouldn't they release it on their PC platform, aka, windows. No matter if you have a SONY Viao or whatever Sony laptop/PC out there, you're playing it because it is running off the Windows Platform, which is owned by Microsoft. That is like having God of War 3 come out for the PS3 this year and then it come out for the PSP and people saying it's no longer an Exclusive. Use your brains people.

Greywulf4881d ago

Its an operating system. Imagine the luxuries and rights you have to pay to make web pages, and applications, or even, games. Its not a gaming platform, no. No, that would be a device that only plays games.

PC owners saying they are getting the PC version of a PC exclusive, is absolutely no different than 360 owners announcing that they are getting the superior version is it not? And now since you guys are pretending the PC is like a PSP/PS2/Xbox1 for example, its clearly a viable platform which runs superior software. But then, you flop all PC related things saying PC gaming isn't important anymore, and is on the decline and dying, so who cares if they can use MODS or dedicated servers.

At one moment its embraced as Microsofts Trojan Horse in the gaming world, then its totally thrown under the bus as an insignificant number of gamers. Which is it? The console versions insignificant differences compared to a PC running the game at ludicrous speed are gigantic. But you don't see anyone praising the PC for running a better version, because games having better visuals is often met with the "it doesn't affect the gameplay" attitude.

The reason people troll multiplatform 360/PC games is because they aren't exclusive as Nintendo & Sony franchises are. There is no way around that. Microsoft doesn't own the developers making the titles, nor do they publish the games. Sure, you pay to license things, but thats hardly the same relationship that Nintendo has with the DS, or that Sony has with the PSP. Not hardly at all, they don't manufacture the equipment, and the equipment isn't a game console. Thats like pretending a web browser or Google is a division of Microsoft. Games For Windows is just technical requirements.

Dev8 ing4880d ago

Not all people even buy the windows operating system. Sure if you buy a PC from a computer company, Sony, Dell or Gateway it comes with windows but if you build your own computer (which you probably do if you game on PC) then you have to obtain a copy of windows (legally or less legally).

Here's an idea for everybody to be less ignorant. Go into your control panel and see what your computer's specs are. Then compare them to the requirements for PC games e.g. Mass Effect 2 1.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1 Gb RAM and 256Mb graphics card. Most PC's can play PC games and if they cant it's usually the graphics card. A graphics card can be obtained for as cheap as $35. So gaming on a PC doesn't have to be expensive. Of course if you want graphics that will wow your console only playing buddies you will want more than a $35 card.

JokesOnYou4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

"The reason people troll multiplatform 360/PC games is because they aren't exclusive as Nintendo & Sony franchises are."

-So you even admit, you're only trolling.= Not here to discuss great games, but only to spread your fanboy agenda. OK, its not like anybody surprised by your motives. lol

-Nothing you said changes the facts that these 360/PC games are made for Window's & XBOX360= owned by Microsoft, which means micro either benefits in their bread 'n butter market for PC OS dominance or micro benefits in the console market because its exclusive to their 360 platform. Micro wins either way= 360 gamers support the 360 with usual huge sales of 360/PC games, hardcore PC gamers and a few ps3 extremists help micro keep its dominance in the PC Gaming/Windows platform. Just look at all the 360/PC games, specifically most recently L4D2, its definitely one of the better selling PC games(Valve= Steam), yet NPD confirms the 360 version of L4D2 alone has outsold all the ps3 exclusives in 2009 for the US, and UK charts, vg charts etc show L4D2 outselling competing 2009 ps3 exclsuives, which as you say:

"aren't exclusive as Nintendo & Sony franchises",

but yet L4D2 which is not even one of micro's heavy hitters, still outsells competing 2009 ps3 exclusives, including sony's ultra, mega blockbuster, hyped to be game changer= KZ2 which hasn't even sold 2.5mil worldwide yet since Feb 2009, so much for long legs, huh?= Apparently 360 games can still easily outsell "true" ps3 exclusives, so why shouldn't micro continue their current strategy of offering them on dual platforms? Its working.

360/Windows= Microsoft=


edit: vvvvvv Well said heroprotagonist, well said, that is absolutely true.

heroprotagonist4880d ago

Come on, let's set this straight.

Fact 1: A whole lot of PS3 fanboys likely just lie about getting it for the PC.

Fact 2: There are real PC owners that really do plan to get it for their PCs.

Fact 3: When there is an article about a multiplatform game like, say, Assassin's Creed 2 I almost never hear someone mention that they are "getting it for the PC".

It seems that only when it is a PC/360 game do so many fanboys pull out the whole "I'm getting it for my PC" thing.

So, if you have a history of being a PS3 fanboy and you claim you are getting it for your "PC" most people are naturally going to consider it trolling.

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chrisulloa4881d ago

Def. buying 360 version since 360 version was ported to PC. Glad to see another AAA for 2010.

Charmers4881d ago

Yet who wants to bet the PC version will have higher resolution textures, sharper graphics, a massively better frame rate and a better control system. I will play Mass Effect 2 on the platform it is meant to be played on, which is naturally the PC.

chrisulloa4881d ago

I guess that's true, but I'll pass on spending over 800 dollars on a high-end gaming rig that can run it on max settings at 60 fps.

Charmers4881d ago

That's odd I already have a computer that plays the game at 1680 x 1050 maxxed out running at 60fps. I don't need to spend $800 on a new PC to do it. I can use my two year old quad to max this game out. You see some of us actually love our gaming and we want our games to look and play as best they can.

Besides the fact that all PC games are at least $10 cheaper than the console versions means I have probably made $800 worth of savings by sticking with the PC. Not to mention the fact most consoles barely last a year before they break and the $50 a year fee to play on line you xbox users have to put up with.

chrisulloa4881d ago

So 600 dollars for a PC that can run Crysis at max settings at about 40 fps and a 200 dollars 20" monitor and probably more money for the operating system. Don't know what you're talking about.

meatnormous4880d ago

What he is saying is that he already owns a pc that will run this game. People have gaming pcs and consoles. Game shouldn't be that hard to run and a new pc isn't required. Mass effect isn't crysis.

taylork374880d ago

I actually think he just saying it because he is a ps3 fanboy and he is trying to make a point that he can play it on something else besides the 360. While, at the same time not realizing that he is actually still giving MS money.

Dev8 ing4880d ago

^^^ Really? Does MS get royalties for PC games?

taylork374880d ago

Games with the "Games for Windows" logo they sure do. And those are usually games that are on 360 and PC.

heroprotagonist4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

One way or another you are benefiting Microsoft if you play on the PC.

Charmers4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

Oh look another 360 cry baby accusing me of being a PS3 fanboy. I am not a PS3 fanboy I think both consoles are utter crap and people should be sent to a mental asylum for even thinking of buying those toys.

Oh and taylork37 you want to check your facts, Microsoft DOES NOT receive any money for games sold on the PC. The same goes for games on the Games For Windows label there is NO royalty fee :-

"We have a quality checklist and a set of technical guidelines games must meet before they can carry the Games for Windows brand. We work closely with the world’s leading game publishers to ensure these games meet the bar. Also, we don’t charge publishers a fee or royalty to carry the brand. For us, it’s about constantly improving the overall gaming experience.

source :

Microsoft could never get away with a royalty fee on the PC because it does not OWN the PC. Microsoft is just one part of the PC mix, the PC is an open platform and if Microsoft started charging royalty fees for Games For Windows titles you can bet your arse developers would say "bye bye" pretty quickly to the GFW branding.

So next time get your facts straight, I am not a PS3 fanboy and MS does not get any money from PC gaming, why the hell do you think they went into the console market in the first place.

heroprotagonist the only thing that benefits Microsoft from the PC is the purchase of an operating system, that is it. Now since 99% of software on the planet is windows based it is inevitable that you would need an MS operating system anyway. But you keep thinking that some how "magically" Microsoft gets "mysterious" revenue from PC games if you want.

taylork374880d ago

Facts are facts, good point. Either way, you will not see those games for MAC or PS3, which is indirectly benefiting MS.

heroprotagonist4880d ago (Edited 4880d ago )

Ok, charmers, but use your head here a little bit.

Why would Microsoft even bother with creating and sustaining the Games for Windows label if it does not benefit them in any way? Clearly it does.

Whether directly or indirectly Microsoft benefits from the health of the PC as a platform.

So, if a person thinks they are sticking it to Microsoft by getting themselves a gaming rig and buying PC games, they are seriously mistaken.

Charmers4880d ago

heroprotagonist I take it you aren't a PC gamer, if you were a PC gamer you would know that pretty much everything MS has done with regards to gaming on the PC has been to introduce us to a "console like environment". The Games For Windows scheme has absolutely NOTHING to do with promoting or helping PC gaming. The scheme exists to get PC gamers comfortable with a console like experience. So that we are more likely to switch to their xbox.

You see MS wants you gaming on their xbox and doing your internet browsing on a PC with their operating system. Microsoft receives NO money from PC gaming either directly or indirectly. The only money Microsoft receives from the PC is the initial purchase of the operating system.

Now you can assume I am a PC gamer because I want to "stick it to the man" if you want. However I have been a PC gamer for 20 years, I am a PC gamer because I love the tech, I love the experience and to me consoles are just a way for idiots to get into gaming. I personally wouldn't give a crap if MS directly benefited from PC gaming. I would welcome it because if they actually benefited financially from PC gaming they might actually stop screwing PC gamers over and purposely stealing PC games.

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