Sony Stages a Heavy Online Push

Sony's biggest digital initiative comes next month, when the studio plans to unveil a dramatically revamped version of Grouper, a video-sharing Web site it bought last August for $65 million. The service will get a new name and look, along with a robust set of new features such as themed channels with exclusive content. The studio is also working to allow users to lift clips from TV shows and mix them with their own material to produce a new video.

Hit the jump for all of the news making headlines concerning the Sony Corporation's online push.

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Lord Anubis5002d ago

Grouper is going to be integrated into home when it launches, revamping the site is great maybe we'll see the connectivity between the two and perhaps upload videos (from camera) straight to the site as it was intended.

However, i hope they drop flash unless they use HD plug ins or they use the Divx web plug in.

sadiq5002d ago

it will also be integrated with the ps eye software

Kokoro5002d ago

Is doing a great job with online. They know videos is the key to casual market.

monoknacker5002d ago

I like the idea of integrated home and ps eye functionality, it's good to see some positive news.

Maddens Raiders5002d ago

before...people who think that SNE won't cultivate a genuine online service to rival LIVE are dead wrong. It's one of their biggest internal corporate mantras. They WANT to beat LIVE. This was a major bullet point upon the creation of the PS3, they've left the front and back doors of the PS3 left literally wide open for a multitude of online oprations and connectivity. Even if they "don't" beat LIVE they are going to take a hell of a jab at it this time around,and if you ask me...their doing a bang up job right now. It's only going to get better and it's free.

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