E3 07 Rumors debunked by Microsoft reports: "Insiders within Microsoft told us that most of it's complete bullshit with some obvious educated guesses in there, such as Fable 2 and Banjo. Consider this rumor debunked".

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tehcellownu4737d ago

come on now came from a freaken wii60 forum..lmao..ya know is damn fake..

Xeoset4737d ago

It wasn't made up, it was all the information taken from a Floor Manager interviewed during a Podcast.

eLiNeS4737d ago

I am so ready for Crimson Skies 2. Crimson Skies was one of the best Xbox Live games of all times. I already know there secretly working on Crimson Skies 2 but want to see more on it.

pryncess4736d ago

We will find out at E3 soon enough.

Rhezin4737d ago

I knew it those F!cking bastards they always post that sh!t on here and expect us to believe it, getting us all hopeful.

gnothe14737d ago

maybe MS doesnt want there surprise spoiled!! or maybe they dont want sony to get an idea of what there bringing to E3!! you know sony always 1 ups them at E3,(killzone,motorstorm cgi)if people already knew what was coming at E3, it wouldnt be a big surprise!! so MS must debunk this now!! an do it quickly!!

Covenant4737d ago

Got my hopes up. I was even looking forward to Kameo 2 (here's hoping it happens anyway).

AznSniper4737d ago

to tell u the truth it looked like it was someone's wishlist :P so thats what made it so obvious that it was fake

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The story is too old to be commented.