Halo DS for real?

From Game Stooge:
Matt Casamassina from IGN posted a while back that he had played Halo on the Nintendo DS. It didn't take too long before this was debunked as strictly a rumor and was burned into vaporware. However, in IGN's Wii-k in Review podcast for 6/15/2007 (ie: last nights) Mr. Casamassina brought it up again, and had this to say:

"It's a real game… we're going to lay down some ownage next week or soon afterward by showing you guys that it is a real game."

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MK_Red4800d ago

This is not about IGN. This is about what gaming site GameStoohe thinks about Halo DS.
This post is about Halo DS rumor and what Joystiq/GS think about it. Maybe Microsoft wants to get into handheld market as 3rd party.

MK_Red4800d ago

Its not the source but the topic that matters here. Like the posted topic "Resistance goes multi-platonium" which had the same source as "Sony says Sorry to church" but talked about something else: Resistance selling more than 2 million copies. Here, IGN topic is Wiik in review which has a surprise. Game Stooge and Joystiq talk about that surprise and possbile rumor and their topic is different. Halo DS rumor is different from IGN Podcast as much as Resistance selling 2 million is from Sony Apologizing. Different topics and subjects matter in this post and discussion.

AznSniper4800d ago

this is weird.....why would microsoft make a deal with nintendo...

Daxx4800d ago

Thank God I bought a DS and Nintendo is going to sell so many DS's if this game is legit.

iceice1234800d ago

That was axed, then they said it was fake didn't they? Now it's real again? I thought it was confirmed that someone made this as a joke? Anyway, if it end up happening would be nice, I guess. The lack of two analog sticks would kill it for me, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.