PS3, 360, Wii: Debate what changes each console needs

ars technica:

The Saturday Showdown continues. This week, we're going to try something different. Rather than debate a current event in the gaming world, we're just going to pose a question to ourselves and to you guys. The question? If you could change one aspect of a certain console or consoles, what would it be and why?

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Satanas4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

I didn't go through reading everything, but I agree with what was said about Wii's "friend codes." It was along the lines of: you're just as anonymous under the alias "MadHatter 6" as you are with the code 123-123-123-1234.

In other words, it should just allow adding via aliases as Live and PSN do.

drtysouf214734d ago

All 3 will get better in time!

AngryTypingGuy4734d ago

All 3 will definitely get better. The 360 already has. There were a high number of launch consoles that were faulty, but 2006 and up should be fine. My brother had a launch system that died after a few months. It was replaced free of charge, and it works great. Mine works great, as do the 360's of all my friends. If you're looking to buy a 360, you have nothing to worry about, especially with the one year warranty. Just make sure it's well ventilated and that you don't move the console while you're playing it (in other words, use common sense).

closedxxx4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Xbox 360- standard hard drive
I feel like MS was onto a good thing with making the hard drive standard back on Xbox. Devs could count on that hard drive to allow their games to write more data for quick access from the hard drive.

Wii- better GPU and more innovative games
Wii could be a good gimmick for a long time if they would have made it at least competetive graphically. And with very few truly innovative games that utilize the Wiimote lately, it's collecting as much dust as the PS3

PS3- lower price, more exclusive games
The PS3 is obviously too expensive for your casual gamer, and too expensive for many regular gamers. And with no games to play, it's not very appealing to many gamers at all. Sure it has potential, but someone needs to make an exclusivve title that taps into that power.
With all but a few SONY exclusives jumping ship to the xbox360, there is less and less reason to buy a PS3 aside from fanboy bragging rights.

gano4734d ago

Wii: Get games
Ps3: Stay on time
Xbox: Just stay on = No Problem

xbotsRidiots4734d ago

5 - Honestly......
Wii: Get games
Ps3: Stay on time
Xbox: no more rings of death

there you go buddy fixed your list for ya :)

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