GamePro's 9 most overrated games of 2009

GamePro: "2009 sure went by quick, eh readers? It feels like only yesterday that we were sticking the boot into the most overrated games of 2008 (did Grand Theft Auto IV really come out two years ago?) Before we know it, it'll be 2010's turn. We're putting our early bets on Gran Turismo 5, natch -- provided it actually comes out this year. But we digress..."

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Bereaver5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Uhhh wait, did they just list every popular title except for Batman AA?
I mean, I'm sure there's more, but I wouldn't call half of those overhyped.
Gamepro = lost

Actually, I might need to edit here. Because, I just can't see some of those games scoring so low now. Wow.... maybe people are finally starting to throw around numbers the way they should be.

10 = Perfect 9 = Unbelievable 8 = Amazing 7 = Great 6 = Good?

grumpysmurf5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Obviously, a game has to be popular for it to be overrated. The first paragraph goes out of its way to explain that none of the games are *bad*. They were just over hyped (i.e. - not bad, but not perfect).

mjolliffe5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

How can they put Left 4 Dead 2 as one if they got a heavily modified version of it in Australia?

hay5243d ago

This list is wrong on so many levels...

dragunrising5242d ago

You know...after I read the article, I think Gamepro itself is the only thing worth mentioning which is overrated.

Gamepro is simply spreading the misconception that every game is worth a certain score because "the critics" say so. Every review is biased, and so was the article. Every game on the list has merit...whether or not you love, like or hate each one is another thing. Something Gamepro can't decide for you.

WildArmed5242d ago

out of these i think a few met or exceeded my expectations.
K2, re5, ODST (I mean com'on we all knew what it was), Dragon Age

I'd Dragon age was by far the most overachieving game i've played.. so it definitely went above and beyond the hype for me.

boxedup5242d ago

The only thing this article really shows, is that Game Pro Australia's reviews are completely worthless. Not even they believe in them.

SilentNegotiator5242d ago

1. List a bunch of Great Games
2. Call them "Overrated"
3. Get Hits
4. ???
5. Profit

*??? = Secure Advertisement Contracts

ia_studio5242d ago

"look I have a keyboard and internet connection Imma gonna write bad stuff about good games mostly"

the writer is a D-bag

ico925242d ago

wow they only listed the best games of the year

Karlnag35242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

because only Austrailians really care... sad but true.

EDIT: Just realised this is gamepro AU... yeah, you're right there that doesn't make much sense.

SoX FireBlade5242d ago

lol l4d2 = 55 ?

this game is a blast xD

man they lowered too much for some games

mega BIG time5242d ago

I completely agree with the list with the exception that they are a bit too harsh in their "sober" scores. However where the hell was Killzone 2 on that list? That game has got to be biggest friggin letdown of the year.. maybe with the exception of Too Human which was also absent from the list, go figure. D-

vhero5242d ago

List is pretty much on the money and there real scores are about right too.

563255242d ago

Some people can't tell the difference between "overrated" and "good"

RadientFlux5242d ago

@mega BIG time : Too Human can't be on the list, as it was released back in 2008 and not 2009.

NickIni5241d ago (Edited 5241d ago )

tldr; virtually every game released in 2009 was overrated.

Just because a game's good doesn't mean it's overrated. We might as well call every single decent game out there overrated and only play crappy ones.

BrianC62345241d ago

Lame Pro is horrible. And it looks like the one in Australia really likes being lame. That list was stupid.

Bloodraid5241d ago (Edited 5241d ago )

All credibility was lost at slide 2 where they bashed Brutal Legend.

If you're a fan of metal (Really any type of metal, seeing as they had black, heavy, classic, power, thrash, death and melodeath), the game is fantastic. There's a lot of little tributes they have in there as well (Like the devil thorns; if you look at them you can see they're just little hands throwing the goat '\m/'). Obviously the dumbass who wrote this article isn't a fan of metal, otherwise he wouldn't go bashing what I consider a niche title.

Also: Resident Evil 5; I completely agree that the game was a huge letdown, but their reasoning for putting it on the list is absolutely childish and stupid. 'Resident Evil 4. With added racism' - Again, all credibility is out the window.

TheDeadMetalhead5241d ago

The only three games that belong on that list are RE5, Halo ODST, and MW2. And L4D2 a 55%? It was ten times the upgrade that ODST was.

Crap article. :/

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TheFreak5243d ago

"few other games (if any) can match Uncharted 2 when it comes to top-notch acting and exciting setpieces. In fact, it's sometimes more fun to watch than play — which is a bit of a problem for a video game."

Lol what are they smoking? Uncharted 2 is not overrated it really is that good, like everybody say it is.. singleplayer is epic multiplayer is EPIC!! what more do you want???

Marceles5242d ago

"It's so amazing that it sucks!"

young juice5242d ago

actually i dont think uncharted 2 had alot of hype. it was when the game came out that you started to hear about it.

Johnny Rotten5242d ago

I played co-op for the first time yesterday and it's totally awesome. I wasn't expecting the graphics to be on the same level as the single player.

Marceles5242d ago

Overall I was pretty happy with the coverage of Uncharted 2. There weren't any spoilers, the only glimpse anyone really had of the game were a few screenshots and the beta, and when it finally came out everyone was blown away.

That's how all games should be, I hate when there's a preview every day of a game followed by hype...it just spoils everything by the time it comes out.