7 Things to Change: Nintendo Wii

Of the 'big three' consoles, the Nintendo Wii is the only one that seems to have escaped widespread criticism. The PlayStation 3 is constantly being squashed from all sides and the Xbox 360 has endured its fair share of bullying.

The Nintendo Wii's original approach to gaming has won it millions of fans worldwide. The concept is enough to win people over before they've even played with one. It's also currently selling four times as many units than the PS3 in the USA and five times as many in Japan.

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MK_Red4738d ago

Personally I think Wii needs more hardcore games. Zelda and Metroid are superb hardcore games but other Wii titles are party games: WarioWare, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Mario Party 8, Wii Sports... those are nice games but rather casual.

ChickeyCantor4738d ago

if you want a new audience first get their attention, i dont think the whole library is going to be full with mini games.
So lets just see what we will get.

ITR4738d ago

Mario Party 8 has a board that can last like 4-5 hrs long!
MP8 is not a good single player..but has a dam good multiple-player game.

I want a Zelda fishing game damnit!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4738d ago

I can live with bad graphics I did last round with the GC and most PS2 games (some were great in the graphics area on the PS2) but my TV makes games in less than 480p look like crap and I don't have anothet TV other than my HD so I'm screwed.

eclipsegryph4738d ago

You're saying you can't drop $150 for a 24" or so standard television? Have you even tried to look for a regular tv?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4737d ago

First I aint made of money and second dude once you own a HDTV you get spoiled to it, trust me.

TheExodus4738d ago

Yes, that corded Nunchuck is distracting at times & Wii could certainly benefit from additional storage, but I'd also like to see the Classic Controller replaced with a Wii version of the Wavebird.

Graphics? I don't see them as an issue at this point given that we're looking at 1st generation titles that are little more than GC & PS2 ports. I know everyone's hellbent on trying to convince themselves that photorealism is needed in gaming, but IMO games like Raving Rabbids, Crush (for PSP) & Boogie prove that it just isn't true.

drtysouf214738d ago

graphics and dvd playback and ability to save gamecube games to the wii without have to use a gamecube memory card.

ITR4738d ago

DVD playback should be cured this fall with the Black Wii.

By next yr we should be seeing actual Wii games and not old GC games being ported to the Wii.
With 480p and 16:9 the new std.

Not sure on GC saves...might be a format issue.

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