Nintendo Power review scores

The latest Nintendo Power review scores have been released, which includes one of the first Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars reviews.

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Valay4511d ago

I'm genuinley happy with that score and I'm hoping it does well.

Has anyone seen the game's commercial yet by the way? It's pretty amazing.

Hisiru4511d ago

Nice commercial indeed and excellent review for TvsC.

Only 7.0 for Glory of Heracles? That's bad, I was expecting to see a 8.5 or something.

OhMyGandhi4511d ago

Not trying to hate on Nintendo or anything, but who reads that magazine anymore?

I used to back in the heyday and never really liked it.
Dunno why, I think it was because 2/3 of the mag were dedicated to strategy guides for random games. Then letters from eight year old who sneak on their parent's work laptop to write up a message about the fact that they successfully typed and sent a message.
And we can't forgot the majority of the crappy fan art that shows up. I just remember seeing some of them a while back, crumpled white sheets of paper with crayon drawings of Mario looking like a sad defeated old man who's gained three hundred pounds and has 9 fingers on each hand.

Ah...Good times.

fatstarr4511d ago

good score translates to 8-10 7.5 from the occasional flame bait hate sits/mags that need attention.

im gettin it day 1
i wish we ha a nmh2 review

tunaks14511d ago

Tatsunoko vs Capcom, day 1 I cannot wait for it

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