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The Struggle for Console Supremacy

DFC Intelligence's David Cole believes Ken Kutaragi's strategy for PS3 has put the PlayStation brand in a tight spot, with little room for movement. He says Wii and Xbox 360 are likely to make huge gains. Full report - including stats, charts and strong opinions at

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zypher6574d ago

i read this on close to a month ago. just another attempt by the anti-Sony loyalists to diminish the PS3's popularity.

zypher6574d ago

my bad. different read. i was confusing this article with another anti-Sony DFC article i read about a month ago.


yes, it's easy to confuse all the 'news' about the PS3...

mikeeno76574d ago

I hate PS3 but i think it will still sell, unfortunately, because of the strong brand name. In Europe, 360 is big but Sony is God.
Living in the UK myself, Sony is immensely more popular over here, including Germany and Italy. I think the 360 will lead the US market, Canada markets though.

Islandkiwi6574d ago

This is no inquirer piece, a very interesting, well thought out read.

It's a pc, it's a blu-ray player...Sony, what I want is a game console.


i wanted a top-notch game console with amazing games. i would have bought that.

PS3 is a tragedy.

specialguest6574d ago (Edited 6574d ago )

i think Sony is trying to bridge the gap between the video game consumers and the electronic media consumers with their PS3.

no longer will video game consoles be considered just a "toy". now it's a media center for everything. this is indeed a big risk, but this is where the future of video gaming should be in my opinion.

i know that not everyone will agree, but personally, this PS3 works well for me since i am a hometheater/media head. i spent a lot for my big screen hdtv, audio system, etc. and $600 for a "PC"/gaming-console/ blu-ray player is a bargain for me. i might be in the minority though.

Islandkiwi6574d ago

I think you are in the minority. Truthfully, anyone posting on these boards is in the minority. Most people I know have yet to get an hdtv.

But an upgradeable console being a step in the right direction? Hell no! This is why I walked away from pc gaming.


you probably are in the minority, but sony only need a few million of people like you to get their launch out of the way. it's after the early adopters, tech-heads and fanboys stop buying and the actual public start choosing that we will see how the PS3 fares in the new console market.

Jak4ever6574d ago

This article seems to be right on the money. Nintendo is on its way back. This is really what this industry needs right now. A back to basics approach.


yeah, i have been impressed by nintendo's attitude. i feel like the wii is the real successor to the Super Nintendo of the 1990's.

frostbite066574d ago

N64 was a good successor. Where would we be without a 3 dimensional mario.

THELANDSOFSAND6574d ago (Edited 6574d ago )

N64 was great, but it never gained the sales or developer support it deserved, plus the choice of cartridge over disc was a serious mistake... but yes, MARIO IN 3D!


those were some amazing graphics for the time... (though I still prefer playing mario world on my SNES)