Nintendo and their third parties

Nintendo Now writes: Over the past 3 years Nintendo Now has been noticing that more and more developers continue to complain about sales on the Wii. Big budget exclusives like, The Conduit, Mad World, and the previously mentioned Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles have all sold somewhat mediocre. Although High Voltage Software didn't complain about the sales of The Conduit, they seemed somewhat satisfied, Wii owners still realized it didn't sell as well as High Voltage made it out to be. I've come to notice some things about all of Nintendo's 3rd party developers.

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Blaze9293196d ago

I don't think it'll get as worse as the 3rd party support on the Gamecube (hopefully not). But yeah it's getting crazy. Good read

JasonXE3196d ago

Lets HOPE it doesnt get as bad as the Gamecube's support. Ulgh

ProA0073196d ago

I don't think third party support will drop off fully, but their investment into the mature games will. Granted Wii will never have 3rd party support to match 360/PS3 but it doesn't mean they can't succeed to some degree at least. Ubisoft is doing ok on there.

Also, it's not just The Conduit either. As they mentioned, Dead Space Extraction failed miserably too, as did MadWorld.

KiwiSplodgeFace3196d ago

It's a shame that Dead Space and MadWorld didn't fare well, because they're not that bad. Guess the Wii just isn't the right platform for those kind of games.

A Cupcake for Gabe3196d ago

The games that suffer the most are Nintendo's primary games outside Mario series and teen-adult 3rd party games. I really believe the way idiots like Reggie marketed it as a family console. Now when really good games come out for the Wii, they flop to the bargain bin while BABYZ and PUPPY LUV and Fairy Princess Pinball(not real names, hypothetical) top chartz.

Hate me on this but I blame Nintendo of America. Nintendo isn't winning awards with Flash games in Japan, they actually buy real games.

I see the Wii really taking a blow this year with Sony/MS's motion. Which brings 3D, True 1:1, and full body motion controlling.

ChickeyCantor3196d ago

" Hate me on this but I blame Nintendo of America. Nintendo isn't winning awards with Flash games in Japan, they actually buy real games. "

Well...Japan has been more open to games for years.

A Cupcake for Gabe3196d ago

yeah true. it's ridonkulous that American Wii gamers buy crappy casual games 100:1 over actually great titles.

Mahr3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

"I don't think it'll get as worse as the 3rd party support on the Gamecube (hopefully not)."

It won't get as bad as the Gamecube's non-existent third party support, but something that Wii owners should probably start accepting is that small, hopefully well-designed, games like De Blob or Lost Winds are going to be the face of non-Nintendo Wii games in the near future; there's not going to be much in the way of third party games from massively-popular franchises with major budgets and traditional gameplay styles.

This year's going to be solid, but regardless of how well something like Monster Hunter 3 does or does not do, we're not going to be seeing anything remotely like it next year, or especially the year after.

And the year after that is really a moot point, seeing as how the Mayans said the world is ending in 2012 anyway. Real bummer, that.

A Cupcake for Gabe3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I loved deBlob. I really wished it came to the PS3 though. Games like MadWorld, deBlob, No More Heroes(Coming to PS3/360..yeah!) should be in true HD.

EDIT: At the disagreer. You're right. Games like this should always look like sh1t in sh1tty SD.

rambi803196d ago

The Mayans and many early cultures view time as cyclic - where patterns repeat over each cycle.
Hence they described one cycle that ended in 2012 and saw no need to go further.

Modern cultures view time as linear and hence many think that if they did not go beyond 2012 - then that is when the world ends.

They are mistaken

rambi803195d ago


Well i could be wrong - But i'm comforted by the fact that if i am - i won't be held accountable - Kinda like Patcher :)

Seferoth753195d ago

@rambi,They tacked another celestial body in the heavens. We track the earths rotation around the su, they tacked something else in the heavens that had a much longer cycle. It's no different than our Calendar hitting Dec 31, the next day it just starts all over. Same thing with their calendar only it takes a lot longer to run out and start over.

rambi803195d ago

Thanks - i think its an axis created by scorpio and libra or aquarius - cant remember which.

Apparently it lines up with the axes of the earth at this date.

It was alluded to by Nostradamus also - i didn't want to get into all that :)

Mahr3195d ago

We're getting somewhat off-topic here, but there's a great article on Cracked about this sort of thing if you google "" and "apocalypse theories".

I'd link to it myself, but the url contains a swear word that apparently makes N4G very sad.

Triella3195d ago

Nintendo fans buy Nintendo consols to play Nintendo games, the new casuals crowd they cater to tend to only play games with Wii in the title : Wii Play ,Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii fit, etc. or lookalikes with "cute" characters on the box art, Carnival Games, comes to mind.

If you look at the 30 Wii top sellers all are Nintendo or family safe games. And this situation is entirely Nintendo's fault : had they not massively advertised the Wii as a family console, they could have regain the support from third parties they lost in the N64 area. But Nintendo being Nintendo, they always want the profits to go in their pokets first to the expense of other developpers.

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Crazybone1263196d ago

I agree, if this gets as bad as the Gamecube i don't think people will stick around to see Wii 2

Gr813195d ago

Because Third Parties games are the key reason to own a Wii.

fr0sty3196d ago

Third parties have never had any luck with the Wii. Wii has been ninty's console pretty much. they needed that however, all of this profit they're making is giving them lots to invest into their future, so the next nintendo console will likely be able to match or beat it's competition feature for feature.

ChickeyCantor3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Lets be honest here.
People have been crying Nintendo isnt making any games.
Sounds to me like that was their cue, and by that i mean the point where Third party developers did something awesome for the Wii. Heh who am i kidding.

Het what can we say? If its not problem a then it must be problem b.

ZoidsRaven3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Big budget? LMFAO That explains why NONE of those games are ten hours long. Funny a** read. 7_7

EDIT: Third parties can wipe their a**es with the money they are using to develop these Wii games. Unless what happened to Factor5 happens to one of these Wii developers, third parties can't say crap.

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