Mario Kart Wii, dates for Smash and Galaxy at E3

French gaming site JeuxFrance is reporting on a few rumors involving the house that N built, mostly revolving around a portly plumber.

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ITR5120d ago

Eh I was hoping to find out a HDD was coming for VC/Online play.

Kinda already knew about Mario Kart Wii

ChickeyCantor5120d ago

All they have to do is make a new firmware update so you can connect a standaard 32fat usb HDD.

ITR5120d ago

Well we know they had a middleware company working on USB stuff.

Come on HDD come on.

I'll buy third party or first party...I just want a HDD or maybe a flashdrive.

ChickeyCantor5120d ago

i already own external HDD's so an update would do allot...a special HDD would be annoying.