NPD: Sims 3 top selling PC game in retail stores in 2009

2009 was a rough year for the game industry as a whole and very rough for the PC game industry, at least in terms of sales of game titles at brick and mortar stores in the US. Industrygamers reports that according to the NPD Group, sales of PC games at the retail level totaled only $538 million last year. That's a whopping 23 percent drop from 2008. By comparison, console game sales "only" went down eight percent in 2009. Of course these numbers do not include any sales of games via digital download services which are taking a bigger piece of the sales pie every year.

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Ravenor4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

NPD numbers do not matter when you're looking at PC software sold. Why even bother posting them?

*edit* In the past 2 years I have bought 28 of my last 30 PC games on Steam or D2D.

chak_4511d ago

yeah I think i'd be about time for online seller to give numbers

tdrules4511d ago

Just like High Definition, people will only care about Digital Distribution when its standard on console.

led10904511d ago

Pc games simply sell more copies online. Its a fact

Voice_of_Reason4511d ago

I still buy certain ones at retail. usually MMo's or sometimes the GOTY editions with all the expansions if its on sale for 20.00 or something like that.

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