New Modern Warfare 2 Maps Leaked?

CC: The first Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack, which will hit the Xbox 360 first in Spring (PlayStation 3 later), seems to have already had one new mode revealed (Global Thermonuclear War). But someone has put a video on YouTube with some hints as to what could be the new maps, as well as favourite maps from the original Modern warfare.

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thorstein5303d ago

I for one want the Burgertown Map.

mjolliffe5303d ago

The Burgertown one would be a good one - Especially if we can start in the streets and enter all the houses.

For me Shipment is a bit small.

mrv3215303d ago

Shipment and Akimbo 1997 (pre-patch) would have been annoying.

What'll happen with the AC 130? The enemy will BE DESTROYED. Hence why I don't like the sound of MW maps, they where designed for MW. Just look at the COD2/3 map pack for MW and they wheren't the best.

tdrules5303d ago


Karlnag35303d ago

awww man.... that was so fcukin' funny I'm in tears. bubs up etc.

rockleex5303d ago

That Burgertown mission was meant to be funny.

To be honest though, I hate MW2 maps with a passion.

Good thing they're bringing COD4 maps back.

A Cupcake for Gabe5303d ago (Edited 5303d ago )

Isn't the one mp crash the same map in COD4 with the downed helo in the middle?

EDIT: Disagrees? I didn't remember, just curious

rockleex5303d ago

This video claims that COD4 maps will be released as DLC map packs for MW2.

Stinger_2095303d ago

if it's real they would of shown gameplay

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Logiistics5303d ago

Does look really i have to say

mrv3215303d ago

How much do you think these maps are on disk or was atleast finished before release?

I am hoping they'd atleast charge very little for the COD 4 maps seeing as well I HIGHLY doubt they'd change much.

mjolliffe5303d ago

I would think the old COD4 maps aren't - The rest probably are...

M337ING5303d ago

They probably aren't, since PC gamers would have found them by now.

outlawlife5303d ago

the definitely are not on the disc, why sacrifice the room, especially when the download comes out and it is a couple hundred MB

very few games have actually been guilty of the already on the disc business, mostly from capcom and namco

as said above it would have been found out ages ago if they were there

belal5303d ago

that baclot is there. all without shipment would be NICE. i can't imagine ac or choppergunner on shipment. that would mean game over for the enemy.