New game releases for week of January 18, 2010

New game releases this week at retail are slim, but there are a few games to take note of. Capcom will be bringing Dark Void to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Try a hands-on demo from their respective online stores. Nintendo DS and DSi gamers will get a couple of new games; the full retail release of Bejeweled Twist from PopCap Games and Glory of Heracles from Nintendo. If you're looking for a fresh RPG experience, don't miss out on Glory of Heracles. This must be the first time in a while that there are no new retail releases for the Wii. Keep a lookout for Muscle March on WiiWare on Monday, however, for only 500 Wii Points ($5).

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hatchimatchi5003d ago

i'd like to see more reviews for shattered memories on the psp. I'm considering buying it if it comes to the PSN.


New Games with Gold for April 2021

April's 2021 Games with Gold lineup includes the Xbox One titles, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and Truck Racing Championship. Xbox 360 titles are Dark Void and Hard Corps: Uprising.

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darthv72914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Dark Void is a pretty decent game, I have it on disc for PS3 but hey... I'll grab it digitally to play on my Series S. Hard Corps Uprising is a freaking sweet (and hard) game. I've had that for a while and still cannot beat it.

Supernintendo85914d ago

@darthv72 Jesus Christ LOL, how on earth could you be downvoted for your opinion of the two games that are decent? This community sometimes i swear...

darthv72914d ago

It must be those that have beaten Hard Corps Uprising. That is their way of telling me I need to get good.

RazzerRedux914d ago

Maybe they are downvoting because they disagree with his opinion.

Fritzwochel914d ago

This is why sites like Reddit are trash. They auto-punish users who gets downvoted - thus if you have an opinion other than the poitical correct majoirty, you're getting all sorts of blocks.

CrimsonWing69914d ago

I'm all in for Dark Void and Hard Corps, but look... people have opinions. Maybe a majority of peeps don't agree with his opinion so they hit the disagree button, I don't know it makes sense to me.

Silly gameAr914d ago (Edited 914d ago )


Best thing to do is not worry about those little arrows below your comment, and just say want you feel. You'll be much better off when you don't care about yours or soomebody else's downvotes.

On topic, I also have Dark Void for PS3, and it was pretty decent. Good enough for at least a playthrough.

PapaBop913d ago

Since when do people care about votes on here? Everyone on here knows darthv72 is an xbox guy, he'd get more disagrees for saying white is white and black is black.

The Wood913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Some people act like someone spat in their faces or they're credit score would be impacted. Some people don't agree.... .life huh

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RaidenBlack914d ago

IGN said, "Dark Void is one of those games you'll play, beat, and forget ever existed."
Exactly my experience.

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andron914d ago

Dark Void possibly killed my phat launch PS3, with countless crashes and slowdown. So I have mixed feelings about that one lol. Mediocre game at best, and runs terrible on PS3. Hopefully the 360 version is better...

Chevalier914d ago

Loved Hard Corps! But yeah get better 😆. By the time you unlock all the abilities you it just gets easier. Makes me wish they would continue with Hard Corps.

boing1913d ago

Yeah, Dark Void was pretty decent. Nolan North voiced main hero AFAIR.

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Futureshark914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

3200 in Gamerscore available!! Get in!!!


Chocoburger914d ago

Legit cringe when MS promotes Achievements and GamerScore. Sad state of affairs for them to be that desperate.

RosweeSon913d ago

Making out those games are still worth $129.99 is bad enough 😑🤣 yeah maybe 10 years ago. Worth about 12.99 these days 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 ✌🏻

Father__Merrin914d ago

Lol the Austria leak was fake then. This looks better than last months which was rubbish

x_xavier_x914d ago

*Truck Racing Championship*
"monitor tire wear..."

Yeah, that's what I want out of a video game. /s

What have they got in store for next month, Vehicle Inspection Sticker: The Game?

DOMination-914d ago

It's a racing game.

It's no different than monitoring your health bar in an FPS or the time you spend watching a cutscene rather than playing.

CobraKai914d ago

STAR Certified Smog Check Simulator