Harry Potter website unleashes a little magic

EA has just launched the official website for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix videogame. While Joystiq only grudgingly admit their penchant for Potter and pals, this latest game looks like it might contain real magic after all. Sandbox-style mission-based gameplay "inspired" by GTA lets you explore Hogwarts on your own schedule, reliving moments from the book along the way. The Wii version of the multiplatform game looks especially interesting with its motion-sensitive spell casting.

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SafeRat4738d ago

Harry Potter 'inspired' by GTA lolz

TheXgamerLive4738d ago

I mean PacMan does explore his entire map, right:)

HARRY POTTER: and the Order of the Phoenix. Inspired by PacMan.

In all seriousness, I'm a potter fan and really looking forward to flying all around the grounds of hogwarts.

ChickeyCantor4738d ago

Jesus camp says : " harry potter is Evil"
I say this might the first harry potter game for me! ( wii version)

Diselage4738d ago

Hey this one may actually be playable instead of making my eyes bleed right before i chuck the controller at it for having worst controls than a helicopter thats going down in flames.

Rhezin4738d ago

no it'll probably still make your eyes bleed.