Two Worlds in early August

A spokesperson for Southpeak has told Eurogamer this afternoon that Two Worlds will be available on Xbox 360 and PC in early August.

Although the publisher was reluctant to hammer the final nail into a date, it assured us retailer listings couldn't be correct as the game was launching simultaneously on both platforms.

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Xeoset4729d ago

Xbox 360 Console Exclusive? I remember reading they killed the PS3 Rumour?

Either, might be fun, Oblivion + 8 Player Online Co-Op + Craft own spells = Fun.

Diselage4729d ago

Well it's for 360 and PC only, no PS3 version coming any time soon if ever. My understanding of the game is the same as yours though Oblivion + some multiplayer, should be fantastic. Though i was hoping that it would be released in a month i guess a little longer isn't that bad.

FCOLitsjustagame4729d ago

Its been pushed back too many times from dates the publishers had said were solid. I dont believe it will come in August. However, maybe its for the best. People playing the PC version found lots of bugs, if they push it back and clean it up and make it really better then Oblivion then all the delays will be worth it. Maybe they should think of doing a timeshift like polish of all the graphics and aim for early next year. Of course that is probably not possible in their budget, but still it would be sweet if this really ended up an AAA title.