Ubisoft Cuts Sales Projections In Half For Red Steel 2

Ubisoft has set low sales expectations for its MotionPlus infused Wii game, Red Steel 2, by stating that initial expectations of 1 million sales for the title have now been cut in half to a meagre 500,000 units as the game prepares for launch in March.

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qface644821d ago

crappy red steel 1 is gonna make the sequel sell even worse

i saw the first one for 8 dollars and i still didn't think it was worth it
played it at my friends house and it was horrible
the sequel just looks freaking great though

hatchimatchi4821d ago

i couldn't agree more.

red steel was one of the worst games i've ever played. It was an unfinished mess of a game and it only sold well because it was a launch title.

The sequel looks cool but I don't plan on buying/playing it.

ChickeyCantor4821d ago

For a first attempt i kinda enjoyed the game( yes lots of things were crap , but some gun action was fun)

sinncross4821d ago

I wonder if we may see a PS3 port for the PS3 SPhere.

We already know that Ubisoft have some games geared foe the device which includes new and existing titles.

JsonHenry4821d ago

Well, update the graphics and put it on the PS3 when it comes out with its motion controller and see if they can turn a dime on it then.

Maybe hardcore (or anyone in the mainstream outside of 10 year olds) really don't want to purchase a game on the Wii?

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Raoh4821d ago

up your development budget, move the series to the ps3..

problem solved

Smacktard4821d ago

You're obviously completely missing the point of the game...

Doc Sony4821d ago

Yeah bring it to PSN for 19,99 as soon as the PSwand gets released. I'll buy it.

blind-reaper4821d ago

Why wasting my money in Red Steel when we can have Yakuza 3 and 4???

ChickeyCantor4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

Roah makes me laugh, Doc Sony makes me sad.

I dont mind this game being ported for the wand, but what makes you think the game will be better on PSN?
The Wand will do nothing less or more than the Wii-mote for this game
Keyword: THIS GAME.

Seferoth754821d ago

Yes put it on PS3 so it can bomb like Borderlands, Dragon Age, Bioshock,Blazblue, and so many other 3rd party games..

Let's not even get into how each of those games is leaps and bounds ahead of Redsteel when it comes to gameplay..

sikbeta4821d ago


Not better on PSN, just CHEAP on PSN, I'll probably pay like $9.99 for the game


Grow up pal, if games bomb doesn't matter to you cuz you don't have a PS3, so what's your point, focus on the games that bomb on your Console of choice instead of talk [email protected] about something you don't care lol

Seferoth754821d ago

Grow up? Ahh someone let the truth hurt their little feelings? I'm 34 kid and everyday I have to see articles about games not selling on Wii when most of N4G and the media want to ignore them bombing on PS3.

You got a problem with it prove me wrong or stop crying to me about it.I am not a fanboy so I have no console of choice. I just know that Blazblue sold 270k on PS3 and NMH on Wii sold 470k. Which one have we seen hundreds of articles on it bombing though?

ChickeyCantor4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

And what made you think a production of 2 years + will be downed to 10 dollars?


Raoh4820d ago

i've played the game, red steel was the first game i bought for the wii. so when i say bring it to the ps3 for use with the wand its because of the accuracy and lag which was part of the main issue of the first one.

they also have an opportunity to do things graphics wise that cant be done on wii...

also cant believe anyone would compare bioshock or borderlands to red steel.. red steel is an awesome idea/genre.. it just didnt take off and since it didn't devs didn't pursue it.. but it is an amazing concept that needs attention/love from devs to make it better.. a better wand would hopefully do this..

i think some of you just live for rehashed madden like franchise only with no hopes of new genre's and tech or improvements, this is games like madden dont evolve..

the problem with the hardcore gamer and the wii is that games like red steel didnt work as we had hoped.. now upgrade a game like red steel to play say like that sony wand demo where you had the sword and shield and/or the bow and arrow.. and you might have something..

could also work for natal.. push hand straight for moving forward, pull hand back to stop, wave hand diagonally from left to right to strike with sword (insert optional motions for sword strikes), wave hand diagonally from right to left to use gun (insert motions for shooting), bring up two fist to the chest to activate hand to hand combat (insert motions for hand to hand combat)

this plust a better wiimote (and dont fool yourselves, natal will be getting controllers, tons of them, they just havent been announced yet, trust a wheel for racing, gloves for boxing, etc and some with enhanced tracking ability) can usher in a red steel genre better than it was done on the wii....

its not about being a fanboy you haters, its about elevating gaming and trying out new genre's and games..

raving rabbids in HD with better accuracy would be awesome also

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timmyrulz4821d ago

Why is this, is it a ps3 exclusive?

Seferoth754821d ago

I think they finally understand that they have ruined their names with Wii owners and the extreme amount of garbage they have put out. Capcom has as well sadly.

It's too bad too because a whole generation of young gamers will grow up thinking any game from either company must be bad and they will look to other developers for their games.

DarkBlood4821d ago

oh it comes in march ok then that saves me some money for the huge feburary purchases of games lol

SpoonyRedMage4821d ago

It all depends on how you're going to support it Ubisoft. This indicates to me that there won't be an ad campaign for it, in which case it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The more "casual-core"(ie. people who only play Halo, MW2, GTA and Madden) most likely don't even know this game exists.

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