Giant Bomb: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days First Impressions

As game developers attempt to find new ways to make gun combat seem more violent and frightening than ever before, it's only natural that the camera has started to go through a lot of changes. Some games try to make things shaky and unstable, attempting to reflect the unpredictable movement and frantic feel of documentary footage. Io Interactive's latest, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, is taking that grimy feel one step further with a series of video filters that gives the action a lo-fi intensity that makes it hard to look away.

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rbluetank3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

it is pretty funny that his site is talking about this game. i am still frozen on picking up this game. i still remember the last one... lol the changes they talked about only sound good. i will wait for all the reviews to come in first.