Kane and Lynch 2: The First Video Game of the YouTube Era?

Bitmob: The era of movie-style games is dead, and James Lynch killed it -- probably with a shotgun blast to the face. Search for the clip on YouTube if you want proof.

What does this mean? Video games have been trying to imitate movies from the moment they began playing with polygons 15 years ago. We've moved from stylized CG cut scenes to seamless in-game cinematics, from laughably stilted line readings to Hollywood-caliber voice talent. In upcoming standouts like Heavy Rain, the graphical fidelity nearly bridges the uncanny valley -- no mean feat. In short, the game development community is this close to perfectly replicating the cinematic experience with you in control.

But the rest of the world has moved on. We're now in the age of instant gratification and relentless exhibitionism. Anything and everything can and will be seen by anyone at any time.

Enter Kane and Lynch.

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Dead_Cell3197d ago

'Cos these two have to be my favourite duo this generation.
This video looks pretty good, and I get the feeling that whoever is voicing Kane in this video knows how to voice act.