Price War Erupts Over Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Cards


"A price war has once again erupted between Walmart and Amazon, and Xbox LIVE gamers are eating it up...

Grab the 12 Month Xbox LIVE card for only $30 over at Amazon or Walmart right now!

The 12 Month Gold card can be used for new accounts or to add 12 months of online goodness to existing accounts."

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Elven63197d ago

Who ever loses...we win! :p

3197d ago
-MD-3197d ago

Lol wait, people pay for a phone when they could just use skype?!

WildArmed3196d ago

Agreed. Dmn i think i might have to stock up on these for later o_o
just incase the price goes up that is

wwm0nkey3197d ago

Happens every year, Ive been get XBL 12 months for 30-40 bucks every year >:D

chrisulloa3197d ago

You only end up paying about $2.50 a month with these deals.

evrfighter3197d ago

perfect timing actually

I traded my ps3 for my brother's 360 for a few weeks. I'm pretty much sold on it now. Live isn't as good as steam imo but it puts psn to shame. Mostly because almost everyone I know owns a 360

sukru3197d ago

but for $30, XBL gold is a deal I cannot pass. Especially with the weekly discounts, it basically pays for itself.

blue7xx73197d ago

Exactly I don't get people who pay full price there are always deals around I personally have never paid more than $30 for xbox live for 12 months plus 1 free month.

WildArmed3196d ago

I know quite a few people that do.
most of them being 10-15 since they get their parents to buy them live.

but other then that, mostly no1 buys live for 50$ per year XD

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wicko3197d ago

Would be nice if they'd offer this in Canada. Almost never see it on sale..

foreverflame3197d ago

What can i say..ppl would rather pay for XBL then play the gimpfest known as PSN.Besides all the good looking ppl play on the 360.PS3 owners are all fat,acne infected nerds who jerk too kratos.

-MD-3197d ago

I just cannot take PSN seriously after using Live and Steam.

fryday3197d ago

I tried PSN once and it's a complete mess...

-MD-3197d ago

It says something when the guy above me insulted PSN and PS3 owners and I have more disagrees lol.

TheFreak3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

yeah right you have tried PSN LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.... I have both systems even a wii. There are pretty much no difference between live and PSN these days... Live has some better downloadable games I think and yeah it has cross game chat, but apart from that meh no difference. The console with bad online functions is the wii my god that is CRAP.

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STICKzophrenic3197d ago


Mine is set to run out in March, so this came just in time.

I haven't paid more than $40 for XBL in the 3+ years I've had it. I've usually bought 'em off of Ebay, but this is the cheapest one yet.

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